Ashley's pov

It felt like an eternity. Just being in this position and staring into his alluring eyes. His gaze flickered down to my lips, his own parting slightly.

I puffed out some air. "I think I'm able to stand now Blake." I joked and forcefully let out a laugh. It comes out strained and awkward.

His blue eyes widen slightly, as if just realizing he was still holding me. Within a second I was standing on the ground, brushing my palms over my skirt awkwardly.

I looked at Blake catching him already staring at me. He reaches over and twirls some curly strands of my hair, tugging it playfully. "I love your hair." He compliments. I had left it down and slightly curled it. He smirks when his eyes drop down to stare at my leggings.

"You look sexy." His tone had taken on a husky one, one that has my heart pounding in my chest, it's rhythm uncontrollable. His eyes travel back up my body slowly, the intensity leaving a tingling sensation in my lowe

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Marlene Meyer
I don't think I'll like this app
goodnovel comment avatar
the unlocking wouldn't be so annoying if the chapters where long
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Heather Nalley
kinda cliche but not too bad. I'm hoping there's some twists & turns.

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