Ashley's pov

Somehow through my half drunken state I managed to ask. "Wait we?"

Was this how it felt to be drunk?

Ryan nodded eagerly and draped his arm around my shoulder. I groaned trying to balance myself from his weight. "Yes we, you're coming along." He states dragging me along with him.

I look at Blake, the protest on the tip of my tongue but it doesn't come out. Blake follows with Stacy beside him. I turn to face the front. Even with my half drunken state I still felt the burning jealousy when I see them together like this. Alcohol doesn't seem to numb the feelings I have for Blake.

I bite my tongue. Somehow I wanted to tell her to get her nasty claws away from him. I blamed my alcohol consumption. We weave our way around sweaty bodies and find ourselves entering a dimly lit room.

The scent of marijuana was powerful, like a strong blow to the face. Usually I would gag or cringe at the scent and probably turn around and say no wa

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Wooow... Ryan just called out Blake and Ashley...
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I mean she’s been a catty B to her since she was first mentioned. Why not ...
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Sherry Warwick
of course why not?

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