Fear. Confusion. Panic. This wasn't how I imagined it would turn out to be after Blake had finally let down his walls. I expected our happy ever after.

But ofcourse I was too naive to think that considering the fact that every single time we're happy, the universe throws a shit ton of obstacles like we hadn't had enough as it is.

So as I stared at my husband getting wheeled into the ambulance with egg still in my hair and on my makeup free face well all I wanted to do was fucking ball my eyes out and ask why.

Why did everything bad have to happen to us? Why did we have to go through so much? Could we not just be happy?

I felt like a damn failure, not only did I not know what went wrong but I also was useless. I wasn't a doctor and I obviously couldn't diagnose o

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😍😍😍😍😍😍 So many updates 😍
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Love it!! I hope he is okay, he just had a major memory dump!
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Omg I loved the recap and I am excited for the next chapters

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