Ch. 11 : Through His Eyes

*Prince Dorian*

I should have known that things weren’t as I was told. I should have picked up on the signs before my opinion of someone had formed. It should have been easy for me to notice these things… if I wasn’t blinded by false friendship and lies.

My choice of friends and those I kept close to me had always been a long and tedious process. I didn’t care for those that wanted to suck up to me just because of my station in life. I didn’t want those that saw me as a tool to better their lives or as some omnipotent guard that would let them get away with anything they did wrong. But even through all the nit-picking and information gathering, a fraud still managed to get through and join my inner circle.

This was the case with the Du Pleasant brothers, Marcus and Samuel.

I had met them during my time at the Academy and, after months of casual greetings without anything suspicious coming up, I allowed them to join my small

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Bella Jersey
Now all he has to is convinced her that she wants it
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Bella Jersey
Rosanna is even more deplorable than I thought

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