Ch. 15 : Visits and Warnings

Breakfast the next day was filled with news.

Ivy chatted happily as she set up the dinette for myself and my brother who was sitting on the loveseat listening intently. She had heard that because of the deaths and the chaos that ensued during the festival, the King and Queen had decided to exempt the Queeness’ from elimination. She also heard that Lady Naveyame had withdrawn as a candidate, packing up her things and reaching out to her family to take her home. This now left only ten Queeness’ within the Palace and the competition, since Lady Heliona was dead and Lady Naveyame was now leaving. This news, though sad, granted everyone a break from worrying about who won the challenge. It also shortened the competition itself by two months, thus removing another challenge that would have been thrust upon us later on. Though the break was quickly taken over as a Palace Maid along with Royal Knights

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Bella Jersey
They are making their mom proud. Because the people that were supposed to loved failed. But that did stop them they grew stronger. I really want to see how her and Arden’s powers will change now they are together
goodnovel comment avatar
Bella Jersey
Those people are truly evil. That father can’t even consider himself a man

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