Ch. 44 : Many Types of Love

Unfamiliar faces passed me as I whipped around like a mad woman, pausing for a moment when I locked eyes with Commander Lovarne. He smiled softly then nodded his head towards the main gates. I followed the motion and felt a bright smile break out as my body started moving again.

I could see him standing with his back to me as he ordered some Knights to follow my brother into the Greenhouse. He slowly turned as my boots clicked loudly behind him, revealing his handsome bloodstained face. I was just outside arms reach when his eyes spotted me, and I launched myself into his arms, knocking him back a step. His sword fell to the floor with a light clang and his arms quickly wrapped around me as I clung to his neck with my feet off the ground.

“I love you.” 

The words flew out of my lips as I held him ti

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Bella Jersey
Can dragons faint? Not to mention Dorian is a big ass man he faints nobody catching his ass. And yes we caught the sex traffickers doctor.

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