Ch. 47 : Our Mate Mark


After the Queen left I found that Ivy had been brought to my room and had prepared a bath for me. I was grateful for the soothing feeling of the warm water and the smell of my favorite oils and flowers swirling in the tub. Ivy chatted excitedly about becoming the Nanny to a little Prince or Princess while she combed my hair and helped me slip into my nightgown. I hadn’t realized just how tired I was until I caught myself yawning and almost falling asleep to the feeling of Ivy’s gentle fingers in my hair.

So, instead of exploring my new space like I had planned, I crawled into bed and muttered a good-night to Ivy, quickly being pulled into a heavy fog of sleep that I gladly welcomed.

The familiar feeling of floating came to me and I smiled as the same clearing that I had met the All Mother in materialized

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Bella Jersey
I was nervous how many points that star had. I hope the goddess also leaves instructions for rejection Who was his real mate that he wouldn’t accept?

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