Ch. 48 : The Wolf and the Raven

I jumped out of bed the next morning, startling Ivy as she pulled out my dress for the day. I rushed towards the large mirror of my vanity and moved my hair out of the way, smiling broadly as the reflection of the Mark from the dream stared back at me. The happiness I felt spilled over to Ivy who cheered and squealed when I told her how the Mark appeared on me. And when I stepped out of my room I was quickly pulled into Dorian’s arms, laughing at his excitement.

The Temple quickly spread the word on the Prophetic dream they had had, coming to look at the Marks on both our necks and discussing how wedding ceremonies would be different now because of them. I also managed to pull my brother aside before my lessons began with Queen Avelia, explaining how the Marking worked in more detail. He took this moment to tell me that he was planning to propose to Morina and wanted to ask if they could hold their weddin

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Bella Jersey
LOL Some people are so dense
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Bella Jersey
That is just beautiful about their rings. She got her coin back after all

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