“I’m telling you, she was completely unhinged, crazy, every word you can use to describe someone off the hook,” Genie said, laughing.

“I wonder what he saw in her,” Malik added.

“I don’t have to point it out to you that our father had really poor taste when it came to judging characters. He thought his own father did the right thing by him. It’s a wonder he stayed sane for so long,” Zayed chipped in.

Moonbeam watched the interaction with interest. Even if she had nothing to say.

“She said I wanted to kill her. You would have thought that with the way she looked at me each time we met, your father would have believed me instead,” Genie said. 

“The old man was probably getting something from her,” Zayed said, chuckling.

“Please. I do not want to picture him doing that. Ever

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