Zayed held her hand as they walked into the house his brother and Genie had just entered. He had a million questions but right now, he was content. Her hand in his, a promise to give it one more shot made him happy.

He had known that he wanted something more with her but he had no idea how happy it would make him. And this, this was more than he expected.

He wanted to tell her how happy she made him feel, how she made the world feel alright but he knew that he had to take it slow. He could tell that she still held her fears in her other hand- her fingers lightly closed into a fist.

So, if he had to take months, more to show her that he was serious about the way he felt for her, he would do it. Show her that she had someone who was willing to care for her, protect her.

Zayed looked at her and she smiled at him. That single act alone made his heart skip and he, in that moment realized something. He was in love with

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