Chapter 09


“ LEAVE ME! ” His filthy tongue grazed her neck and jolts of revulsion shot her body.

She tried to get herself out of his hold using all her energy but to no avail. His dirty hands started roaming around her body making her scream louder. In despair and fear.

Sara jolted up from her slumber and shrieked loudly. Her heart was drumming in her ears. Her eye were wide in terror.

It was all a nightmare right?

Gulping down the lump forming in her throat, Sara looked around herself. She was in some unknown place but it did not look like prison.

It was a room furnished in all black and red. A set of black and red sofa set was placed at the one corner of the room while two doors were present on both sides of the room. A frown etched upon her forehead and she noticed the bed she was currently sitting on. Its sheets were black while the pillows and blankets were red.

She glanced

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