Chapter 10


A blindfold was tied around her eyes and she was dropped back to the place they thought as her home. She could not know where that place was now. The place where she was at just an hour ago.

And who was that man? This was another question that was unanswered.

She didn't want to think about any of this. She didn't even know how she was still standing outside the house she had to call her home. She was in a trance.

Whenever she looked down at her hands, she could see only blood.

Whenever she started thinking, Gabriel's sinster face flashed before her eyes.

She wanted to cry and scream and then cry again but she was unable to do even that.

What had she done? She had asked herself this question repeatedly as guilt drowned her.

Sometimes, an evil voice in her mind whispered that a man like Gabriel deserved to die, but her rational mind was against that whisper. No
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