Chapter 12


Sara's mind kept repeating the same thing over and over again.

I am alright.

I am fine.

I am going to be alright.

She could still see the crimson red blood on her hands when her mind knew that it was not there anymore. Her mind was making her see things that were not there to begin with.

The whole day...

She spent the whole day sitting in her room. No matter what happened in her life, she never locked herself like this. But again, she had never killed someone before. Her mind was having a hard time moving past that moment in her life.

She could still feel his filthy touch all over her body. Her body tingled with disgust. Was this what people like Gabriel did to the weak?

When that Gabriel found out that Sara was not backed and favored by Grandfather Magnus, he pounced on her like an animal wanting her to succumb to him either by choice or by force.

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