Chapter 6


I woke up to the sun hitting my eyes as it rose.

Smiling, I stretched my body inside my blanket, well what was left of a blanket, it was too worn out and torn to tell, the only reason I used it as a cover was that I needed to be sure that my body was covered should a lad enter my ‘tent’ to wake me up for whatever reason there was.

Rubbing my eyes from sleep and fixing my now messed up curls, I sat up and crawled out of my place, to find Nina already up, a frown prominent on her face as she glared daggers at me, her eyes dark with fury as she grabbed my arm and dragged me to the side of the riverbank before pushing me to the ground roughly, she had never been this aggressive with me before, not even when we fought.

“Nina? What the hell?” I asked trying to sit up only for her to pin me to the ground, her knee on my chest as she held me down with her body weight, her eyes still glaring daggers at me yet she said no words, I tried pushing her away softly, but I could already tell that being nice was not going to do me any good at this point, Nina was blinded by anger, what was behind that anger however, I could not understand

“Where is your dagger?” Nina asked angrily, her eyes piercing my own, I frowned in confusion before my eyes widened in realization, I was supposed to be getting it back from the forest in a bit, I was planning on doing it before anyone was even awake, but to my luck, Nina, for some reason, was already up, which was not like her.

I tried pushing her knee of my chest as she started pressing it harder, making my bones crack under her weight, it wasn’t that she was heavy, it was the fact that her knee was the source of pain, as the bone of it crushed my own, not literally, but that was how it felt, I tried to fight back the urge to scream in pain before I attacked her back for the first time since I’ve met her, pushing her off me by twisting her ankle, making her wince in pain and roll off me before I rolled on top of her, straddling her body as I raised my hand in a fist to punch her in the face.

Her eyes widened in fear and I saw her visibly flinch making me put my hand down and look at her, but she took that as a sudden weakness or opportunity if I was being more specific, and she suddenly sat up and punched me in the gut before pushing me off her and getting on top of me, this time choking me as she did so, I tried fighting her back, kicking and trashing, but her hand on my throat simply tightened cutting off all the air from reaching my lungs.

“You lied to me” she snarled tightening her grasp, her eyes never left mine as her green eyes darkened with anger.

“You were stealing him from me, you were with him, Dani and Jade saw you with him, don’t even try denying it!” she snapped, I had to fight to get some air, any air source would’ve been good for me right now, but with her tight grasp around my neck there was no way I was going to get any, not knowing what else to do, I scratched her arm, creating a cut there, one which had her yelp and let me go as blood started oozing from the cut, I quickly pushed her off my body and started coughing as I fought to catch my breath before looking at her to find her glaring at me as she watched me catch my breath before she stood up and attempted to kick me, but being ready for an attack, I grabbed her leg and this time really twisted it, spraining her ankle causing her to scream out in pain, this time probably waking the other kids up.

“YOU BITCH!” She yelled as loud as she could, falling on the floor as she lost her balance, I got on top of her as she fought me and pinned her arms above her head, her fighting never stopping for a second as she did her best to fight my body off of hers.

“He was NEVER yours to begin with, and he never will be!” I snapped, that caused her to growl, a sound that I had never heard coming out of her making me frown in confusion as she pushed me off her body with whatever strength she had in her, which seemed to be a lot judging by her anger, she deserved it, and I said nothing wrong, with the way she was acting, no man would be wanting her let alone the prince.

“He is mine! You will see that I will be his wife! I will be his queen, and you will be the first thing I will be rid of!” She snapped before her hands started working on scratching and me, in the face, she scratched my cheek probably creating a cut and fisted her hand to punch me, but I grabbed her arms and raised my lower half making her lose her balance and almost fall off me before I rolled on top of her, pinning her once again, I did not want to hurt her, I was making it obvious by not hitting her back, but she was seeing red, it was like she’s gone blind.

“He is NOT yours Nina, he doesn’t even know you exist! Wake the hell up!” I snapped at her, she screamed and this time the kids huddled around to watch the scene with worry in their eyes, Nina and I were never, ever ones to fight one another, she might punish the rest of the kids, slap a lad if he crosses his limit with her or any of the other girls, yell at the girls for being stubborn, maybe hit them too, but her and I never had the leader and follower relationship, we were more like sisters, but now, it was like we’ve suddenly turned into enemies.

“HE IS MINE!” she yelled so loud that I thought her lungs were about to burst, that was when I saw red and punched her in the nose, hearing it crack under the force of my punch and blood started coming out of it, I glared at her, not even sorry for doing so, and it took her a few seconds to compose herself from what had happened before she turned us around and started punching me in the face, or at least tried to as I managed to block most of her blows, having been trained how to fend for myself by her, I knew what to actually expect from her in situations like this.

I was about to fight back when I saw her get pulled away from me and her body was knocked to the ground with three wolves growling at her, their canines out as they looked at her and Prince Nathan kneeling down by my side slowly taking my hand and helping me sit up before he turned to glare at Nina whose eyes were wide as she looked at the wolves then at the prince and I, the pain visible in her eyes making my chest ache for her, but I had done nothing wrong to her and yet, here she was attacking me like I had stolen her lover, when in reality, she had never even met or came across the prince.

She had fallen in love with him over the years by just hearing of him and imagining herself as his wife, even when we were ruled by King Ned, the werewolf king, before he handed our land to his son for him to rule as a kingdom that was following the werewolf one, then she saw him a few times in the market, though they were all from a distance, she still somehow created a scenario in her mind that she would be marrying him.

“Are you alright love?” Prince Nathan asked, he wrapped an arm around my waist as his hand remained on my own as I stood up, I nodded, though my eyes were on Nina who kept her eyes glued to the prince’s hand and arm.

“She was defending you yesterday, and here you are beating her up, while the others watched?”

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