Chapter 7


“What did you find Daniel?” I asked my beta who was standing in my royal chamber while I sat on my desk, I had work to get back to after this, father arriving here only delayed it, but nevertheless, I needed to start with it somehow.

“There are about twenty or thirty people with her there, different ages, but they’re led by a girl, she seems to be in her early twenties” Daniel explained making me frown in confusion, why would a twenty-year-old girl be leading people on the street instead of being married?

“Are they all in the same state?” I asked meaning the lack of clothing and probably food, my wolf going restless about the fact that our mate was probably cold outside right now, knowing that she had food for a while as I saw her getting as much as she could carry, but I couldn’t say that what she was wearing would do her any good keeping her warm, but managing to somehow calm him down, assuring him that w

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