Chapter 8


“Need I ask what you might be doing her Prince Nathan?”

“I should be asking you the same thing Prince Ashton” I glared at the human prince who stood in front of me sharing the same glare.

“Prince Ashton?” The blonde, Nina, asked wide eyed, her green eyes now turning their attention to the prince who has probably been living with them for years, and yet neither one of them knew of his true identity.

Ignoring her, Ashton looked at me with a raised eyebrow, not bothering to answer my question as he looked between Kiara and I, his eyes cold as ice on me, but they would soften when he took sight of my confused mate who was on her knees cradling the child.

“Can we talk in private?” I asked looking around the now confused people who were sharing glances, Prince Ashton, noticing it too nodding at me to follow him.

“Keep her under watch, I won’t be long” I told Daniel who growl

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