Chapter 11


“What the hell did you do?” Ashton asked when he saw the prince’s annoyed expression as he walked out of the carriage without saying a word.

I rolled my eyes at Ashton and wanted to push past him only for him to wrap his hand around my arm as a glare made its way covering his features, his annoyance visible in his ocean blue eyes as he kept his eyes on my own, it was then that he noticed the handkerchief wrapped around my wrist, filled with blood that he froze looking at it.

“What happened?” Ashton asked taking my hand in his and gently unwrapping the wounded wrist, blood still poured from it making him frown in confusion.

“I’m not sure, it suddenly started burning and blood started pouring out of it, Prince Nathan had wiped the blood from it, but wrapped it when he realized that the bleeding will not be stopping any time soon” I said trying my best to explain what had happened, even I wasn’t su

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