Chapter 12


I woke up feeling somewhat warm and refreshed, holding a blanket close to my chin as I got lost in the soft fabric, having not felt this relaxed for a very long time.

My eyes suddenly snapped open when I realized where I was, seeing as I wasn’t on the hard floor of the forest, a sheet draped over two trees to cover me from the eyes of the lads that lived with us, wearing a silk dress rather than a worn-out dress that was stitched so many times due to being worn out from the endless days of me wearing it.

I smiled to myself as I saw the change that had hit my life only to remember what it cost me, my friends probably hated me by now, the palace guards having stayed on their heads last night to stop them from running away or doing anything crazy, remembering that Prince Nathan was going to see them this morning, my eyes widening as I feared him harming any of them, more specifically Nina if she decided to do anything that would be risking herself gett

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