Chapter 121


“Your grace, the king has agreed to get into war” my messenger said entering the forest, Kiara and I were both sitting by one another’s side. Her head laying on my shoulder as we watched the bonfire at night, our hands in one another’s, our fingers intertwined, the beautiful breeze hitting the two of us.

“Have you seen Princess Delilah?” I asked, the messenger shook his head and looked down at his feet, I could hear the man’s heart race as he seemed to worry about speaking of something, a habit I noticed most of my servants had when wanting to tell me something that might anger me.

“I have heard from your guard Blake, the princess has been locked for almost a month now, she hasn’t been let out of the tower, the queen isn’t even allowed to see her” the messenger answered. Kiara tensed and my eyes widened, Kiara pulled away from me and I stood up and walked toward the messenger who avoided m

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