Chapter 122


I rocked Lilian who was being restless, she had been crying for almost an hour now, and nothing I was doing seemed to calm her down.

“Baby girl, come on, rest for me” I said softly, kissing her temple. Nathan was somewhere out of the forest, planning on how they would be getting Delilah back, I was intrigued about having her back I had to admit. But I knew one thing, I couldn’t allow her to be in the same place as that bastard excuse of a king, he would kill her in an instant, if not kill, then he would torture her making her wish that she was dead. And no matter what she had done to me, no person was supposed to feel the pain the king inflicted when he was angered, and I was not a cold-hearted person to want that on any person.

“She still hasn’t calmed down?” Nina asked entering the room with a small bottle in her hand, I shook my head. I couldn’t even understand why she’s been crying. She has been fed, cha

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