Chapter 123


“Why does this keep happening Nathan?” Kiara asked crying, she was laying in my arms, we had buried Lilian a few days ago. Her heartbeat was weak and I could feel her pain. I was in as much as pain, we had lost our daughter. Her curly hair was wet after just taking a bath. Her body was stagnant as Diana scrubbed her body clean, softly scrubbing her body with soap and rinsing it, it was the time when I was able to cry. I knew that I had to stay strong for my mate, despite feeling her pain and her feeling mine, I couldn’t show it to her.

“She’s a little bird in heaven baby girl” I whispered to her. Tightening my arms around her waist and pulling her to my chest. My own tears fell from my eyes but I was doing my best not to show Kiara how hurt I was. Though I knew that she could read my mind and was well aware of my pain and tears, I wanted to be her strength, the weakness she was in, the pain that we were both in, burying our l

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