They watched as the kings and queens smiled upon entering their kingdom, smiles were drawn on the people’s faces, they were greeting the kings and queens with pride and happiness, excited to be back to their old ways, their comfortable ways.

“They will pay” Queen Beatrice said glaring at her husband, King Alexander raised an eyebrow at her as she turned to face him, her eyes wide in rage, she has been yelling at him for hours now, the king was furious with her. But he was containing himself as he tried to process what had happened, the loss he had.

“You had failed me, I should have never listened to you, I could have been living as a queen with Ned, I lost my husband, my children, now, my throne and people, what else am I going to lose because of you?” Queen Beatrice asked angrily, her eyes wide in rage, she stood and slapped the king who stayed quiet as he looked at her, the vision of his son challenging him, telling him that he didn&rsqu

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