The Boss

My husband was the sort of man who believed the world owed him something. He was an associate for the mob, collecting money for the higher-ranking members of the Mafia, and any other jobs they wanted him to do. He would never get any further because he wasn't of Italian descent, and he never would be.

But that didn't stop him from attempting to mimic them. He even adopted the accent, shelling every last cent we had on the best suit he could buy, simply to look the part.

"Rosie, baby, make sure you look good tonight. The boss will be there and he will be paying attention to me. Which means you, too."

I sighed as I wriggled into my little black dress. Despite it being cheap, I knew I looked good in it. My creamy pale skin contrasted against my dark hair, which I'd curled so that it hung over my shoulder most elegantly. I'd decided to emphasise my green eyes with soft black eyeshadow, lining them with black eyeliner and coats of thick mascara. My plump lips were nu

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Dix Ramosweu
title of this book
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Agree!!! We need the whole mafia/mob story.. did Rick chose to be a mob?
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Miracle Janile
Firstly, I think this should be a real story.

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