The Twins

I'd always envied Mal, for his confidence and ease with girls. Me on the other hand; awkward as fuck. I don't know why he was more successful than me in the female department- we were identical for fucks sake. We shared the same honey coloured eyes, and deeply tanned skin. We wore our hair the same- floppy and messy. We worked outside in the sun daily, helping sell boat trips and the like to tourists. 

Tourists flocked to Greece in the Summer- and countless women had thrown themselves at me. I just felt like none of them captured my attention enough for me to sleep with them. Mal called me all sorts for this- and night after night he took back different girls to our shared apartment. The walls were thin, and I was able to hear everything, including the awkward conversation the next day. Mal didn't give a shit- he had zero respect for women. 

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