Chapter Twelve: Dinner


“You look absolutely stunning. Didn't I tell you to wear something that will make you ugly?" he said as he quickly scanned me from head to toe. My brow raised because of his statement. 

Nandito siya sa labas ng bahay para sunduin ako. I told him not to come but he insisted kaya hinayaan ko na lang, I don't want to argue with him again.

"I can wear anything and still look gorgeous, Mr. Carter," I boasted. A few seconds later, he burst into laughter making me raise my brow on him. "You good?" I asked, pissed and unhappy.

"I didn't know you're quiet proud, Van," he uttered while grinning from ear-to-ear. Alright, he's trying to mock me and it's pissing me off. 

"Yeah, whatever. So, are we going or not?" Ayokong mag-aksaya pa ng oras dahil gusto kong umuwi ng maaga. I have to come back home early because we have plans for tomorrow.

"Sorry about that. Get in," he mutt

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