Seraphim: Supernatural Bad Boys II
Seraphim: Supernatural Bad Boys II
Author: Jeanette Rico

Chapter 1: Revealed

Chapter 1: Revealed


She’s so soft; her skin is perfect. I run my hand over her arm. Her mouth moves closer over mine. I run my hand over her long silky hair. “I need you. Come and find me. It has been so long” Surprised by her voice, I pull back in surprise. This woman is not Marael. Then the scene changes. I’m in front of the house Marael and I lived in. “Marael,” I call my wife as I enter through the door. I’m surprised to find that the door is wide open. “Marael,” I say again. I walk toward the living room, but she’s not there. Suddenly, I hear a noise as if a shoe fell from up the stairs. “Marael,” I repeat again, making my way to our bedroom. I can hear the bath running from our en-suite. “Love, I’m home.” There is still no response. I knock on the bathroom door, pushing it open. The lights are dim, and there are candles lit around the bathroom. I smile lovingly. It looks like my wife has planned a romantic bath. I’m not surprised. Marael loves doing things like this. I stroll in, strolling quietly toward the tub. My heart stops when I see what’s awaiting me. I can feel my vision dimming. Her head is leaning at the edge of the tub, with her eyes staring lifelessly toward the ceiling. The bathwater is red with blood. An animalistic cry makes its way out of my throat. “No, no, no, no…” I kneel down, pulling her lifeless body up from the water.

“MARAEL!” I shoot up from my bed. My chest is heaving, and my body is glistening with sweat. I look around my bedroom, coming back to the present. I push the covers off my body and sit up on the side of my bed. My heart is beating erratically. Rage runs through me as I lean my elbows over my knees and my head on my hands. I run my hands through my hair as I walk toward my window. The night is calm and quiet. I can see the stars twinkling in the endless expanse of the sky and feel sweat running down my bareback. My wings struggle to be free, so I release them from my back feeling relief rush through my body.

It’s the same dream every time. I’m touching another woman. I cannot see her face, but she’s not Marael. Then the dream changes to me finding Marael dead in a tub. If only I hadn’t left that day. Maybe she would be alive today. The council investigators say that she must have been bathing or preparing to bathe when her attacker struck a sacred knife through her chest and dropped her in the tub. The Council investigators believe that she was killed in reprisal for all of the work I do for the council. I have been the council’s enforcer for seventy years. Marael was working for the director of supernatural affairs when I met her. We were happy for nearly five years until her life was cut short.

Unfortunately, she was not my true soul mate. However, we never let that come between us. I had lived for thousands of years without a soul mate. Marael was the closest I came. After she died, I was so alone. I pledged to never fall in love or be intimate with anyone again. Eventually, I slipped-up. I was having a low moment in my life, which resulted in a one-night stand. Which, I found out a few days ago, resulted in the procreation of my daughter Nevaeh. At first, I was surprised by her existence. However, now, I’m contented to know that I was given such a precious gift. I no longer feel alone.

I’m interrupted from my thoughts at the sound of my cell phone ringing. I turn away from the window and place the receiver on my ear. “This is Mathias.” The person on the other end answers. “Sir, this is Isaiah. We have been unable to recover Lukan Garron’s body. How would you like us to proceed, sir? “I run one hand through my hair. “We’re going to have to regroup. Freeze all of his assets and lock down all of his houses. No one is allowed into the house. Anything on the family?” Isaac answers. “Yes, sir. Garron was mated. The council approved his mating to Alandra Silk twenty-six years ago. However, it also shows that twenty years ago, his mate annulled the mating. They both have a daughter named Cassia Garron, aged twenty- two, who currently lives in Arcata near her mother.” I take a moment to consider my options. “Let’s pay the wife and daughter a visit. Maybe bring them in for questioning.”

I look at my bedside clock. It’s seven in the morning. Time to go to work. A few hours later, I march up the stairs of the beautiful brownstone house. According to the council files, Alandra Silk and her daughter Cassia live here. I knock on the door, adjusting the sword underneath my leather jacket. The door opens to reveal an attractive woman. She has a short blond bob, blue eyes and is wearing a long black dress. Her face is free of emotion. She gives me the once-over before she answers. “Yes. May I help you?” I pull my council badge out. “My name is Mathias Black. I am here on the behest of the Council. I am looking for Ms. Alandra Silk. Are you Ms. Silk?” The woman straightens her spine and gives me a guarded look. “Yes. I am Alandra Silk. What does the council want?” I look around the front steps, to the street, then look back. “Ms. Silk, may I come in? This is a matter that needs to be discussed in private.” She gives me the once-over again and opens the door wider, allowing me entrance. “Come in.” She says, waving her hand toward the front hall. I walk in, inspecting my surroundings. Ms. Silk points toward the stairs. “Please, let’s go to the office.” I follow her up the stairs.

The office is very professional looking. There are various sketches of models mounted on the walls. There are also several sculptures in various stages of readiness. She points to leather chairs poised in front of her large rustic desk and takes a seat behind her desk. “So what brings the top council representative Mathias Black to my doorstep?” I raise my eyebrows in surprise at her question. She gives me a knowing smirk. “Why are you surprised, Mr. Black. Your name has been whispered among the supernatural world in admiration and fear for years.” I shrug my shoulders at her comment. I’ve never been one to be lured by flattery. “Very well, then. Ms. Silk…” She interrupts my explanation. “Please call me, Alandra.” I nod my head in acknowledgment of her request. “Of course, and call me Mathias.”

“A few days ago, your former mate, Lukan Garron, was accused...”Before I can finish, the door slams open. I turn surprised to find an incredibly beautiful woman. She’s wearing a short white dress that clings to her stunning body like a second skin. Her hair is long and straight with various shades of blond, and her eyes, unlike her mothers’, are green. I swallow hard as I appraise her curvy form and honey-colored skin. “Mom, I have to go…” She hurries in, surprised to see me in the room with her mother; she stands between the open door with a puzzled frown. Her mother gets up before anything further can be said. “Cassia darling, this gentleman is here from the council. This is Mathias Black. He is here with news about your father.” She looks at me. “Mathias, this is my daughter, Cassia."

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This is one of the best story I've read so far, but I can't seem to find any social media of you, so I can't show you how much I love your work

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