Chapter 5: Coincidence?

Chapter 5: Coincidence?


Nevaeh and I are strolling through the Cal State campus, enjoying the tour.  Neveah smiles with excitement every time she sees something she likes. When we arrived, we had to tell the admissions office that I was her brother. Unfortunately, even though she’s my daughter, Nevaeh and I don’t look very far off in age. It has been fun anyway. Right now, we are walking to a coffee shop for a quick break. Clapping with excitement, Nevaeh turns to me. “So, how do you like it?” She waves her hand around the campus.

Quirking a brow, I give her an approving smile. “I think it’s a great school, and you’ll fit right in.” Her smile widens, and suddenly she’s in my arms, her arms tight around my shoulders. I stand there, stunned for a moment. Even though we have been spending more time together, we’ve never hugged. It’s nice.

Feeling comfortable, I pull

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