Chapter 16: Decision

Chapter 16: Decision


It has been the worst night of my life. All I want to do is go to my mother’s house and bury my head in my pillow. After pulling me close and letting me cry, my uncle Draco drops me off at home with the promise that things will get better. He must have called ahead because my mother meets me at the door. “Baby, your uncle told me what happened. I was so worried.” She wraps her arms around me, holding me tight like she used to do when I was a child. There’s nothing like the comforting touch of my mother’s embrace.

“I’m okay, mom. Can we talk about this later?” My mother releases me and inspects my rumpled dress. “Okay, how about you go upstairs, take a hot bath, and relax. But don’t think that you can avoid this conversation. We will talk tomorrow. Now, I placed a fresh sketchbook on your bed, and the bath is stocked with your favorite salts and oils. Go ahead, baby.” I

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