Chapter 19: Dead Souls

Chapter 19: Dead soul


My body strains as I run closer to the wailing cries. It takes us a few minutes to reach the cries. Have you ever felt your heart shatter? At first, you’ll feel a heavy pressure in your chest, then a painful ripping feeling in the pit of your stomach until you can’t breathe. That’s how I feel the moment I see my daughter, Nevaeh, covered in blood with my unconscious mate in her arms. Nevaeh’s cries echo through the barren grounds as she grips Cassia tightly to her chest. Falling to my knees, I swallow down my grief. Mikhail and Azazel reach Nevaeh and wrap their arms around her, their faces contorted with sorrow.

 “Nevaeh baby, oh my god.” I hear Azazel and Mikhail call out with a horrified cry. As if in a trance, Nevaeh finally looks at Mikhail, a sad, shocked look in her tearful eyes. Holding her bloody palms out, she robotically mutters. “She did it for me. She’s dead because o

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