Kidnapping The Kidnapper
Kidnapping The Kidnapper
Author: Solome

Chapter 1

      The weather is nice today. The sun beaming through the thick clouds that are emitting a cool breeze. Heaven and Skylar walk through the park that is filled with couples and children, enjoying the nice weather. Heaven and Skylar decided they wouldn't stay at home today, so they grabbed their jackets, determined to take a walk in the park. Heaven and Skylar tend to be lazy on their time off school. Nothing productive happens in their free time. Every day is the same for them. Especially that it's summer and school is currently closed. Their days include waking up, eating breakfast, watching tv for a whole day, occasionally getting up to get snacks or lunch -which usually consists of either Pizza or Chinese. If their parents were at home, their days would've normally comprised doing chores, reading, studying, or going grocery shopping with their mother. This summer, their parents are on a business trip and Skylar and Heaven are excited to have the whole house to themselves for a whole summer is a trivialization.

"Oh my god! Look at that kid," Skylar laughs hysterically, pointing to the kid trying to get a hold of the water,

"Is he- is he trying to hold the water?" Heaven joins her laughter, squinting at the kid,

"Poor thing," Skylar says calming down from her fit of laughter, dismissing the subject,

"Hey, do you think mom would buy us tickets for tomorrow's concert in Toronto?" Heaven wonders,

"I don't know. I don't think so,"

"Oh," Heaven replies, disappointment clear in her voice,

"I don't know though. We can ask them," Skylar quickly says,

"No. It's okay. We can just watch it live if they stream it," Heaven waves it off.

They walk quite further, finding a lake. They sit down on the grass, throwing rocks in the water. From the corner of her eyes, Heaven notices a boy that looks about their age sit down beside her.

"I couldn't help but notice how depressed you guys look," he chuckles softly,

"Oh," Heaven laughs,

"I'm Benjamin. But it sounds like an old man's name so I like to be called Ben," Ben explains, making Heaven and Skylar giggle,

"I'm Heaven," Heaven replies, a small smile playing on her lips,

"I'm Sky. Short for Skylar. You can call me whichever you prefer," Sky follows, also smiling genuinely,

"Sky and Heaven. Those are really pretty and connected names," Ben smiles before continuing, "So, are you going to tell me the reason you're sitting here, all gloomy?"

"Do we look that miserable?" Sky asks followed by a chuckle that comes out of Ben's lips,

"It's nothing really," Heaven utters, almost difficult for them to hear,

"Come on. It can't be nothing," Ben pushes,

"Why are you so concerned," Sky asks playfully,

"It's just that our parents are away and there's no one to buy us tickets for tomorrow concert in Toronto," Heaven blurts out without Ben having to reply to Sky's question, which he's quite thankful for,

"Ah, who's concert is it?" he asks,

"One Direction," Sky responds,

"Oh, really? I love One Direction," Ben surprisingly says,

"You do?" Heaven's face lights up,

"Yes, very much," he chuckles,

"Tell you what, I have three tickets for me and my friends. Why don't I give you the two tickets to you guys and we can go together?"

"I don't think that would be a good idea. Plus we're not taking your friends' tickets," Sky shakes her head disapprovingly,

"My friends despise that band. I forced them to go. It would be their pleasure if you guys were to take the ticket from them," Ben clarifies,

"How can we trust you? I mean we just met you," Heaven says playfully though Ben seemed to take it to heart. He though covers it up with the tug of a smile on the corner of his lips.

They sit there for a while, Ben revealing his -fake- identity to them. They talk and laugh for what seemed like hours before Ben got up, saying he's got to leave. He left his number to them before walking away, disappearing into the darkness, which gave Heaven and Sky the cue to leave.

"It's dark already," Heaven mutters surprised.

They walk through the trees, to where they came from. When they get home, they throw their jackets on the couch still talking about the boy they met a couple of hours ago. They decide to watch a movie or two in Heavens room, settling on the bed, getting under the covers, turning on the tv.

"Did you lock the doors?" Sky asks,

"Yup," Heaven replies.

They start the movie, munching on the popcorn they brought up from the kitchen and slurping on the soda they also managed to carry up with them. Sky slips further into the blanket, feeling cold.

"Can you close the window?" Sky nudges Heaven,

"Ugh, I don't want to get out of the blanket. Just leave it open, I'll close it later when the movie is over," She groans,

"Fine," Sky sighs, turning her attention back on the movie.

They leave the window open all night, accidentally falling asleep, forgetting to close it.

Little did they know that a certain someone they met a couple of hours ago was stalking them through the window, hiding behind a bunch of trees that circle the house... Protection Status