Chapter Seven

After caring for my leg, I look around and notice Luke was no longer in the living room but I smell food cooking. He sure made himself at home now didn't he?  

A few minutes later, Luke brought a tray in with chicken noodle soup and two grilled cheese sandwiches. Smiling, I take the tray and place it on my lap.  

“Thank you, you did not need to do that.” My stomach started to rumble and I realized this is the first time I'm eating today. “Well, for you to heal properly, you need to eat.” Pushing his attitude towards me. Tilting my head to the side, I look up and watch him roll his eyes. Well, he went from nice to being an ass really quick. Ignoring him, I started to eat and as the first touch of food hit my tongue, I was in heaven. Smiling up to my dad with a mouth full of food, he kissed me on the cheek and headed out the door as Luke followed suit.  

This whole thing couldn't get any weirder. My dad is a very closed off man to strangers but he is taking well to Luke. I still can't tell if he is human or not so I won't trust him.  

Remembering what Alex said in his last words, 'Don't you dare leave the house! These beasts are like human wolves. They look normal one minute and they turn into these horrific beasts. Don't trust no one Susan, you hear me!' Tears creep into my eyes hearing his voice with such pain. What should I do? I want to trust him because it would be nice to have help between my parents and I but I can't risk him being a monster. 

Finishing my food, I peek outside to find that they are both gone. Taking a deep breath, I take my dishes to the sink and wash them all up. After standing, my leg starts to feel sore so I decide to take some pain medicine to ease the throbbing. Grabbing the bottle on the counter, I noticing the sun was sinking. 

"Well, another night alone will be in the books." I decided to get into my pajamas and have another relaxing night before I start working on the house tomorrow. After getting dressed, I locked all the doors, closed all the blinds and curtains. After having that altercation with that vampire, I don't want to take the risk of them knowing anyone is here.  

Heading over to the couch, I hear tapping on the window. “What the fuck is that?” Whispering to myself as I move slowly towards the window. Sliding the curtain to the side, I peek out and see nothing. Standing in silence, tapping starts on the window in the kitchen across the house. My breathing picks up as I start walking slowly towards the tapping. Making it to the kitchen, I slowly move the curtain and peek to see nothing.  

What is going on here? Backing away from the window, I stand in the hall which is the center of the house. Taking deep breaths, I glide to the middle of the hall where the attic is and grab hold of the cord while I listen carefully.

Suddenly tapping appears on what seems like all windows of my house and my knees begin to shake. The noise rings in my ears as it continues. I have never been this scared in my entire life. Pulling the cord for the attic door, I watch as the stairs fall. Stopping in that moment as I start hearing voices.  

“Beautiful, we know where you are.” With shaky hands, I stand still instead of walking up the stairs. “Come on sweetie, we just want to have some fun with you. Let us in.” Another voice begins and I break from my fright and start climbing. A creek sound is made with each step I made as my heart starts pounding out of my chest.

“We can tear apart your house from the outside to get you, that attic will be real easy sweetie.” Freezing on the stairs, I try to think of my next plan of escape. Do I call my dad? I really want to but I'm not sure how many are out there and I can't risk putting my father in danger. Walking back down the stairs, I pause just before lifting them up and closing the hatch.  

“That's right baby, you will not get away from us. Now be a good girl and let us in. I promise we just want to have some fun, and maybe... some dinner.” Feeling my heart beat out of my chest, I walk slowly to my kitchen island and grab hold of my gun. If it's me they want, I will fight till my last breath. Shaking, I brace myself as I hear windows begin to shattered, one by one. Crouching alongside my island covering my head as glass flies through the kitchen.  

“I can smell you. You smell so fresh and ... I smell blood. Are you bleeding beautiful?” Tears stream down my face as I stay frozen on the floor. Keeping my eyes closed, I hold onto myself as consistent shivers ran through my body. This might be it. I have no one here to help me fight off these monsters along with still healing from my first encounter. Scratching noises come from outside and it sounds like they were ripping my house apart.  

“We will break your house, piece by piece until you come to me. I promise I will have you.” He said with a low, raspy voice. “GO AWAY!” Yelling as I cover my ears with my hands hoping they will just leave. “JUST GO, LEAVE ME!” I continue as I hear laughing rumble throughout my home. “There is no way I am leaving when dinner is waiting!” The breaking of my home continues as I just sit in a ball, waiting for what is to come.  

“Come on hunny, I won't... What the fuck was that?” He suddenly said as the noises stopped. Suddenly, I hear loud deadly screams, one by one. "You fucking idiots better kill that fucker! She is mine! I will not share my fucking dinner!" Hearing wrestling outside the windows as the sounds of pain start coming to surface.

Closing my eyes, I try to ease the fear but the yelling and screams hit me to the bone. A deep growl came from outside as the wrestling continues. Hearing sharp breaks, screams soaring throughout the night. After a while, the cries were becoming less and less until there were no more. Not moving from my spot, I felt a hand on my shoulder as I jumped up pointing my gun with blurred vision directly at the impostor. "My dad once said if you can't get away, you better fight until you can no longer breathe. I promise you; you will die if I die." 

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