Chapter Twelve

Leaning my head back as Luke continues to caress my chest, his hand around my waist loosens and slowly starts to glide down. As he hovers over my sweet spot, I place one hand over his and the other starts running through his beautiful black hair. Feeling him wanting to back away, I begin to put pressure guiding him lower. Feeling his arms tense up he suddenly removes his hands and grasps my hips roughly turning me around. Looking at him with shocked eyes, he shoves me on the bed and stalks his way over to me.  

Climbing on top, his hands run along my body sending shivers down my spine. Lowering his head to my thighs, he begins kissing and licking his way to my sweat spot. Each touch feeling better than the last. Placing both arms under my legs, grabbing my waist, he forces my body towards him. Looking down, I see his him staring into my soul as a grin spread across his lips. Lowering his head, the first lick to my lips almost pushed me to the edge and my legs buckle

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