Chapter Fourteen

"Why don't you look surprised?" I scrunch my brows looking at his facial features as I stand. Shaking his head, he stands also looking back into my eyes. "Were you scared of him? Did the black wolf harm you?" Stalking towards me like pray, his eyes look down and then slowly back up taking in my features. Watching his every move, I sway my head as he keeps walking toward me until my back meets a wall.

Luke stands in front of me, caging me in with nowhere to go. Running his hands along my shoulders and down my arms as he leans toward my ear, breathing me in. "If he didn't frighten you or try to harm you, then why be afraid?" Whispering as his lips came in contact with my neck making me let out a small moan. "I'm afraid of what they can do. The power they hold can kill a whole town." The words slowly came out of my lips as Luke unbuttons my overalls and lets them slide to the floor.  

Lowering himself to his knee's, roughly grabbing hold of my thighs as he place

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