Chapter 5- Not In My House Not in My Shower

Chapter Five

Erik sat me down on the forest ground, slipped on a pair of basketball shorts then helped me into a pair of basketball shorts and a large t-shirt and by the smell of them they belonged to Jason. Erik picks me up again and we begin again through the forest. I wrap my arms around his neck and lay my head on his shoulder, I must doze off because next thing I know I am sitting on edge of the bathtub in my room in the pack house and there is a loud growl.

Oliver’s POV

My father had returned with my mother from the woods late for dinner looking on edge. I asked them what was wrong but they would not reply. Dinner was peaceful, well sort of peaceful I was a lil restless as Miss Loud Mouth didn’t bother to show up. She really has no respect that my family is allowing her to stay here or for our ways. I had even had Emilia set with me again after our lil make out session. I had come back from the woods with Ireland a little wound up and found Emilia outside my bedroom door.  So I took advantage of the situation. We had just been kissing when suddenly there was no emotion to the kissing at all. It seemed like our mouths were just moving and I could not feel anything. Emilia was getting into it though but luckily it was time to head down to dinner so I invited her to sit with me and we left my room. 

I am looking out the window of my fathers office. We are discussing the threat to the pack. All the sudden the sight of a man carrying a woman up the drive can be seen. I use my excellent vision to see that it is that Rogue Erik and the woman he is carrying is my Mate! She looks to be dirty and sleeping. I look closer and those are not her clothes again! What has this little slut been up too? FInn is whining in my head seeing Ireland again touching another male. My fists are clenched and honestly I have not heard what my dad has been saying. I watch as Erik carries her into the pack house. I try to refocus on what my dad is saying, his beta is providing his input as well. I fake a yawn, wanting to see what is going on with Miss Sleepy Head as Finn won’t quit pacing in my mind.

“Father, can we please continue this later? I am tired and really need to let my mind rest.”

“I think that would be a good idea. I have another matter to address at this time anyway.”

I try to remain calm and walk normal as I walk up the stairs to my room. I can smell him here by her room. Ugh has she no boundaries at all!

‘Well aren’t you the hypocrit huh?’

‘Shut up Finn’

I storm into my room and shut the door. I can here the shower on in the bathroom. “Ok Ire I have the water heating up for you, I am just gonna help you with your clothes and then you need to clean up.” What the actually Fuck! I storm into the bathroom and see that asshole lifting up her shirt. 


“Get out!” Asshole looks at me and has the nerve to tell me.

“You get the fuck out!” My eyes finally drift to her barely holding herself upright on the edge of the tub. “What is wrong with her?”

“Like you even care”

“Get out!” I ordered him and grabbed him by the arm dragging him out through my room. He is resisting. But when I get him to the door I throw him out the door.

“You don’t deserve her!” he snarls at me.

“And you do?” I retort.

He looks me in the eye. “No, noone does she’s too good for all of us.”

I slam the door shut. I am pissed I stomp back in the bathroom. She has gotten herself undressed and is in the shower. I am angry that she was allowing another man to undress her. Angry that she would disrespect me as she stays in my house.  Angry that her friend would disrespected me when he obviously knew the situation. I storm to the shower throw up the door and get in not caring that my clothes are getting wet. I am an Alpha, she is a human I will demand respect. I see that she is sitting on the ground of the shower, just letting the water run over her body. I reach down and pick her up by her arms and push her toward the wall. She does not meet my eyes or make a sound. 

“Listen here you whore you will show me some respect. I may not want you but that does not mean I will let you fuck that mutt in my house, in my shower. Until the time that I figure out how to remove this shameful situation of having a weak human as a mate you will keep your legs closed.”

Her eyes rise to meet mine, they appear to be glowing. How the fuck is that possible. She closes her eyes for a moment and when they reopen they are back to brown. I feel lost in them. I must have imagined that they changed. Our bodies are touching as I have her pressed to the wall. She grabs my face and crashes her mouth to mine. The kiss deepens, my tongue sleeps in her mouth. Goddess this is the best thing I have ever tasted. If her mouth tastes this good I wonder what her pussy must taste like. My hands begin to wander her body on their own. Goddess her skin feels so smooth under my hands. I grab one of her large breasts in my hand and my thumb grazes her nipple. She moans softly into my mouth. I push my harden member toward her, cursing the fact I left my clothes on. As I grind into her she seems to snap out of it and pushes me harshly away.

“Get the fuck out!” 

I snap out of my daze at her words. I look her up and down with disgust, even though that is not at all what I feel when looking over her naked form. “Gladly” I leave her in the shower and go to my room. What the hell was that.

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