Chapter 7- Gonna Help a Girl Out?

Chapter 7

I take a quick shower and change into a thin white spaghetti strap top without a bra so my nipples could be seen through and a lace thong. I crawl in bed over the covers and begin my revenge.

I close my eyes and begin to let my hands wander my body. I think of a pair of masculine hands touching me groping my breasts and sliding his hands lower. It doesn’t take much for my wolf to willingly project these images into our mates mind. Within two minutes I hear footsteps rushing up the stairs, his door open, and him enter the bathroom. I left my side of the bathroom door open just enough, I expected him to come. I don’t stop or even give a hint that I know he is there. My right hand moves my panties to the side. I run my finger along my wet slit. My left hand having pulled up my shirt and pitching my nipple. I moan and breathe heavily. I can feel his eyes on me though he has stayed in the bathroom. Knowing he is there has my cunt dripping. I begin to rub circles over my swollen clit, my eyes closed. I continue my assault on my breasts and begin plunging, my right middle finger into my cunt. I start slowly moving my finger in and out of my whole. I don’t try to muffle my moans. I know the rooms are sound proof. I want him to hear all of them. I paused prior to adding another finger into myself and began rubbing my clit again. 

“You gonna stand there and watch or help a girl out?” I whisper lustfully.

Within a split second Oliver is sitting between my legs, looking at me with so much lust a smile on his face. I gaze at him and continue to rub circles on my sensitive nerves. Suddenly Oliver plunges his finger into me and my back arches off the bed. Goddess that feels good, his hand inside me, his finger moving slowly in and out of me the sparks igniting where his finger makes contact. “Oh my...Oliver...yes please.”

My words must have encouraged him. He swiftly slips another finger inside and speeds up his movements. “So tight” he speaks with awe in his voice then he moves his other hand and starts groping my breast, pinching and teasing my nipples. I feel my orgasm building, he must too as his hand starts slowing and he smirks. He is enjoying himself. I sit up slightly and use my hand to bring his hand from my breast up to my mouth. I begin sucking on his index finger and middle finger the same to fingers on his other hand that he has buried inside me. As I swirl my tongue around his fingers and begin sucking harder, he moans and begins thrusting harder. He curves his fingers up inside me hitting my most sensitive spot. I couldn’t hold back screaming his name as my came all over his fingers. He slowed the thrusts of his fingers, smiling obviously happy with himself. As he pulled his fingers out of me he started to raise them to his mouth undoubtedly to taste my juices. I quickly pull his hand back from where it is about to touch his lips and put them in my mouth. I sucked them and licked my juices off his fingers. He has a look like someone has just stolen his favorite candy. 

“MMMMhmm!” I say releasing his fingers with a smile on my face. He leans in over me to kiss me, lust still in his eyes. I lean forward meeting him but just place a quick peck on the lips. “Maybe next time you can have a taste.” I fake a yawn and roll over closing my eyes, placing my back to him. He sits there for about another minute before I feel him get off bed and make his way to the bathroom. After a couple minutes the shower turns on and I have to fight the urge to go gaze at his body and take him in my mouth, then to let him fuck me.

Oliver POV

I strip off the basketball shorts I had hastily dawned. I turn on the shower to cold water. Goddess I am painfully hard and now my hope is that a cold shower will help me out. I step in the water and wince as the cold water pelts my skin. No luck looks like I am going to have to take care of this with my hand. I have never had to do this so much prior to meeting this woman. I grab my hardened length in my hand and close my eyes and begin stroking myself. I imagine that my hand is Ireland’s hand stroking me. I imagine her wrapping my hard dick into her warm moist mouth sucking me like she did my fingers. With a loud grunt I empty myself onto the tile shower floor.   Fuck I haven’t come that hard and fast before. I quickly finish my shower, get out and dry off. I got to my room and lay under the sheet naked. I am tired but my mind won’t shut off my body wishing to be lying next to her.

I honestly don’t know what just occurred. Okay I know what just happened. One second I was running through the woods in my wolf form. Honestly after entering the woods I rushed off leaving Emilia behind without the human to watch, I did not need to entertain her anymore. I was running through the woods, then all the sudden I had an image in my mind of masculine hands on my mate. Next thing I knew I was running toward the pack house, shifting, throwing on basketball shorts and running up the stairs. Nothing could prepare me for the sight I would see. Goddess she was beautiful all spread out on her bed pleasuring herself. I can’t ignore how relieved I was that no man was with her. When she invited me in I was shocked, I wish I could say it was Finn that took over but no everything that happened was all me. Finn is so happy about getting to touch our mate and pleasuring her watching her cum. I enjoyed it so much feeling her tighten around my fingers, saying my name as she came. I could get addicted to that feeling, I mean I can’t have a human as a Luna but maybe I could still enjoy her body until I find out how to reject her. I smirk and Finn is less than happy, growling in my head at my thought.  Eventually I fall to sleep, dreaming of course of her moaning and cumming underneath me. I dream of filling her with my seed. Of taking her on every surface of our room. The Alpha and Luna room smelling of her arousal. Despite my objections to her being human it was a dream I wished I never had to wake up from.

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