Chapter 8- Partial Truths

Chapter 8

Oliver’s POV

I wake up in the morning early to train. I can’t help the smile on my face. I can’t wait to come up with a way to meet up and have some adventures with my mate of the dirty variety. I like to be the first one at the training grounds but luckily for me there is no training on Sunday’s so it will be just me and my buddies whenever they arrive. I am on the way to the training grounds when I catch sight of my mate running into the woods with that mutt of hers and their naked and laughing. What the actual fuck, she must really be the whore I thought she was. 

After several hours of beating the hell out of a bag and sparring with my buddies. I am fuming about someone else seeing my mate naked. We head back to the packhouse for breakfast. I take a quick shower and dress for the day. I enter the dining hall and there she is ladies and gentleman all smiles chatting with my parents and her friends like she didn’t have me fingering her last night then out this morning whoring around with another male. She glances up at me when I sit down and smiles.

“Good Morning Oliver did you have a good night?”

“It was average, how but you it must be hard to find things to do while everyone is shifting and getting to run free through the woods.” I reply trying to let her know I think what happened was nothing extraordinary. Which is a complete lie it was amazing.

“I guess I can’t really miss something I don’t know. I managed to finger something out” She said finger like it was just a mistake instead of figure. No one seemed to notice but me.

“Ire what were you up to this morning? I saw you coming back to the pack house prior to breakfast.” My mother asks

“Lil you know I love to go for a run while it is still dark.”

“ I don’t think it is safe for you to go running with the rogue issue and just being human. Just a couple days ago a scout reported having smelled an unknown wolf on the boundary near your friend Jason’s house.” I reply pointing out to her again she is just a human and needs protecting.

“Thank you for your concern but Erik was nice enough to meet me and go for a run through the forest with me so that I would be safe. I don’t lack the ability to defend myself human or not.” She replied coldly.

“I can be witness to that. I bet she could take down even a warrior in wolf form.” Eliza chirped in with Alex shaking his head in agreement. 

“I bet I could take her no problem. She is just human and I am not even a warrior. She must tell some great stories for everyone to believe her to be strong.” Emilia stated wrapping her arms around my neck from behind. I had not even heard her walk up. 

“Wanna test that theory after breakfast?” Ireland growled out not taking her eyes off of Emilia’s hands wrapped around my neck. “I mean if it is okay with Zander and Oliver I don’t want to hurt anyone you may select for Luna.”

Before I can reply to this my dad stated “Emilia and Oliver may be close but they aren’t fated. However I myself am excited to watch you in action Ire. I hope you both make me proud.”

Ireland excuses herself to go change out of her jeans and we all make our way to the Sparring ring. When Ireland arrives I have to force my eyes away. She runs up her hair in a high ponytail, a cheetah print sports bra and short black bicycle shorts. Goddess she is sexy but her showing this much skin with all these unmated males pisses me off. By the smirk she gives me that is just what she had planned. It appears that most of the Pack heard about this match. All of the pack warriors are gathered round to watch. Emilia is standing on the edge of the ring, I wish I could say she looked bored but she really looks scared. Ireland on the other hand looks excited.

I step into the middle of the ring. “Okay rules are the fight as it isn’t for a title.” Ireland smirks at me, but I continue “is that it goes to submission. Either fighter can fight in any form, now unfortunately for the human she is unable to shift but Emilia can. The fight will begin when the buzzer sounds.” I walk out of the ring but not before approaching Emilia and giving her a passionate kiss while glaring at my mate. She looks pissed off and wipes her lips on the back of her arm annoyed. Can she feel it like a werewolf can when their mate is touching another? I wonder. All of the sudden the buzzer goes off.

Emilia immediately rushes in to attack still in her human form but Ireland dodges and Emilia loses her balance. When she regains her footing and turns to face Ireland again she receives a swift punch to the mouth, then Ireland backs off. Emilia launches herself again at my mate. I can’t help but be anxious. Finn is pacing in my head worried for her, human or not he wants her and seeing her potentially get hurt is making it difficult for me to keep him in. Emilia gets a punch in and it lands on Ireland’s cheek but it does not seem to faze her at all. As Emilia swings again Ireland catches her arm, then kicks Emilia’s legs out from under her. Ireland then looks down at Emilia, places her foot on Emilia’s shoulder and yawns like she is bored.

“Come on Em I know you are used to laying on your back but this is getting boring come on your whore and shift so we can end this already.” Everyone around the pack starts laughing. I am having to hold back my laugh but what catches my eye is that my father is even stifling a laugh.  Emilia switches with a growl, and is on all fours snarling at Ireland. Her brown fur standing up and drool dripping from her teeth. I look to see if Ireland looks scared and she is just quietly chucking to herself. “You're even ugly as a wolf Emilia.” She isn’t wrong Emilia’s wolf looks dirty and it’s fur looks matted a bit. How did I not notice this last night?

Emilia launches herself at Ireland. Ireland does not move, she reaches around, grabs Emilia by the scruff and slams her on the ground. Emilia is scratching at Ireland, but she does not seem to notice even with the blood that is trickling down. Ireland starts punching Emilia in the face in the ribs all yelling “submit” with every hit and holding her down. Eventually Emilia turns back human and shows her neck in submission. She submitted to a human. The crowd cheers and my father and mother make their way from the bleachers toward the middle of the ring.

“That was hot, human or not I wouldn’t want to get on her bad side. I actually think I am turned on right now, I might go talk to her.” Josh states matter factly and begins to walk over toward Ireland. I can’t suppress my warning growl. Josh stops and turns to look at me. “Sorry didn’t realize you were interested. I thought you were into the loser.” he smirks trying to hide his laugh.

“I’m not interested, she’s human and Emilia was probably having a bad day to lose to a human after all.”

“Whatever you say.”

I walk to the middle of the ring to appear interested in helping Emilia but also wanting to know more desperately how Ireland is. As I approach Ireland is walking up to me blood still flowing down her arms. The sight makes me sick to see her hurt. I am literally having to fight from throwing up my stomach twisted into knots. “You might want to tend to your future Luna candidate; she looks a lil beat up.” Then she walks right by me. 

Ireland’s POV

I am having to concentrate really hard on not healing immediately. If I heal too quickly it will give everything away. I have to protect those I care about. The last time I slipped up plays through my head and sorrow fills my heart. I lost the 2 people that cared about me the most, my grandparents. I know I should not have taken the bait and fought her but she keeps putting her hands on Oliver and he keeps calling me weak. Belle’s rage kind of took over. The fight was easier than this mental drain on not healing quickly. My legs start to shake from underneath me and then all the sudden I am in Jason’s arms. 

“Come on Ire I will carry you back to your room.”

“No please take me to the Cabin.” Jason just nods and he is soon accompanied by Erik and Jackson who are walking close to Jason. I want to say something about Jackson’s presence but I am tired and I need a reminder of why I do what I do and live my way. I must have fallen asleep because when I wake up it feels later in the day and I am laying on the dusty bed. Erik is sitting on the chair next to the bed and when he sees me wake up he sits up and just then Jason comes in, he has his head down. “What’s wrong Jason?” Erik lets out an annoyed growl.

“So I tried to send Jackson away so he wouldn’t see where we were going, but he said that if you were important to me then you were important to him.” He blushes “So he came with us and he saw you healing and now he is curious and I don’t know what to tell him? I don’t want to lie to him, he's my mate but your secret is important to you.” He is looking at his fingers like they are the most important thing in the world.

“ Do you trust him?”

“I do, I know we haven’t known each other long but he is my mate and I trust him.”

“ I don’t know that I do. Sorry Jason, not 100 percent but I think we can tell him something but not the whole truth without being dishonest. Ask him to come in here.”

Jason is beaming he likes the idea of not having to lie to his mate. I can understand that because it kills me everyday to lie to mine. Jason exits the room. Then I hear the front door open and look at Erik questioningly. “ I made him go wait at Jason’s until we talked to you. I threatened to kill Jason myself if he didn’t. I know it was drastic Lollipop but this has to be your decision are you sure?” I nod my head. “The pack doc said he will tell everyone he gave you some rapid healing medication or some hoopla which was made from wolfs blood by some witch he knows.” I look around the room and my eyes prick tears for the memories that I had in this cabin. My grandparents were the greatest people I have known but they were killed because of who and what I am. I was so foolish back then only 16 years old and then following 1.5 after that was torture at the hands of those monsters has made me hide even more. I hide even from my mate. Just as a sob is about to escape my lips there is a knock on the bedroom door. Jason enters holding Jackson’s hand whose looking at Jason with so much love before he turns his eyes to me questioningly.

“Okay so first things first what I am about to tell you cannot leave this room. Only Zander, Lilly, Alpha Alex, his Luna Eliza, Erik and Jason and 1 Elder know. It is dangerous to know so you need to be sure that you can keep the promise.”

“So it is like some secret society?”

“No just I don’t trust very easily and to be honest I don’t plan to tell you everything. You can’t tell a soul, not even your friends, especially not Oliver.”

“I promise you can trust me I won’t tell a soul not even Oliver. Though if his mother and father know why not Oliver?’

I take a deep breath. I sit up straight and look Jackson in the eye. Belle nods her head in agreement with my decisions. ‘ trust him to Ireland, his wolf is trustworthy’ “Ok I am not human though that is my way to live, I am a werewolf and as far as for the Oliver bit, He’s my mate and thinks lowly of me for being human. He needs to love me for me!”

Jackson just stares at me stunned.

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