Chapter 9- Just Look At Her

Chapter Nine

Ireland's POV

We head back to the pack house as it is getting late and I want to shower prior to dinner. I go straight to my room. I go to my closet and pick a mauve dress that falls just at my knees and has sleeves that go to my elbows. I don’t want to answer questions about the almost fully healed wounds right now. I strip off my clothes in the closet and walk out to my room. That’s when I see him lounging on my bed looking at me with a scowl. He looks so hot laying there in his jeans and shirt. His sleeves are snug on his biceps.  “You're in the wrong room Oliver.” I state while tightening the robe around myself and making my way to the bathroom. I enter and turn on the shower about to take off my robe and step in. When all the sudden I am pulled tight to his chest. He buries his head in my neck and removes my robe. His hands resting on the small of my naked back sending sparks up my spine and down to my core. I instantly moisten. 

“I can smell your arousal! I would take you right here and now and you would love it, you would scream my name again as I filled you.”

I am panting my thighs becoming wet with my juices, “then why don’t you?”

“Because you're a whore ready for me to take you here and now despite smelling like that mutt of yours and coming back from god knows where with my friend. I don’t like to share what is mine. I do not want some filthy mutts sloppy seconds.”

I shove him hard away from me. His back hits vanity. “Get the fuck out! You don’t even know me!” I turn my back and step into the shower. I wash my body and am cursing myself for letting him affect me. I am drying from my shower when I start to get the burning sensation. It begins in my lips, goes to my breasts then finally I feel extreme pressure at my core. I don’t have energy to divert this pain, so I am going to go in there and show both of them who is in charge! I burst into my mates room wrapped in my towel, my hair hanging wet around my shoulders. When I enter the room that is when I see my mate laying on top of Emilia in his boxers kissing her with his right hand rubbing her through her panties. She is moaning loudly. When I enter she turns to me, smirks at me and he turns and smiles at me devilishly.

“You're in the wrong room Ireland.’

“Is that so?” I slowly drop my towel “I guess I’ll go take care of this myself” I run my hand down the center of my body. In an instant I am up against the wall, his body pressing into mine.  He starts kissing my neck, his hands running down my arms.

“I’ll help you take care of you.” 

I can see Emilia looking very pissed off laying on the bed. “Oliver come back here with me, let me make you feel good.”

He takes one more sniff of my neck then turns to her with a cold expression. “Out!” He points to the door. He used his alpha tone and she hurriedly grabs her clothes and leaves. 

He turns his attention back to me. He raises my hands over my head and uses one hand to hold them there. He starts traveling his other hand down to my breast. He starts rubbing and pulling on my nipple. His eyes are dark with lust. I get my hands free when he starts trying to use both his hands to grope my breasts while kissing my neck. I push him back on the bed and crawl on top of him. A growl erupts from his chest as I start grinding my wet core on his erection through his boxers. He grabs my hips and squeezes them. The friction is enough that I am barely holding on. 

“Fuck your so wet and ready I can feel your wettness through my boxers”

I lean forward and press my breasts against his chest. I continue rubbing myself along his length. I moan in his ear and nip at it with my teeth. I start to cum I can’t hold it back, moaning loudly fighting the urge to say his name. He is moaning as well and no doubt itching to continue this. So I lean down into his ear. “ Oliver?’

“Yes Baby?”

I continue to ride out my high rubbing along him. “You wanna taste me, slide deep inside me and let me ride you til you cum inside me? Then let me lick you clean? 

“Mhmmm, Fuck yes!”

“Then I guess you shouldn’t have been using your mouth and dirty hands to touch that poor excuse of a female.” Before he can say anything I jump off him and walk out the room. Belle is wanting to take over and mate so I close my eyes briefly and let her see the image of him on top of Emilia. She whimpers loudly in my head.

Emilia POV

I knocked on his door quietly. He lets me slip in, he only has a towel wrapped around his waist, hair still wet from the shower. He pushes me against the wall, he is about to kiss me but then his nose wrinkles up. “You couldn’t shower before coming here you reek of him.”

“I’m sorry baby but I think you are right I think she is his mate. She interrupted us and he kicked me out to be with that scum.”

He smiles wickedly. “Now we know his weakness and by the way he behaves in public he must believe her lie.”

“What lie?”

“That is not something you need to know but now I can get what I want. Now hurry up and leave I will meet you later but I don’t want anyone to see you leaving here.”

I leave the room begrudgingly and sneak back down the hallway. 

Oliver POV

I run my fingers through my hair over and over again after I get myself dressed changing my boxers. The smell of her arousal hangs thick in the air of my room. Goddess I just want to fuck her at least once before I terminate this bond. I leave my room and enter the dining hall, she hasn’t arrived there yet so I sit down and begin talking with my father. I tell him how that strange wolf scent was smelt again by patrol this time closer to the pack house. He seems to not be concerned which is puzzling to me but when I go to question him about it he gives me a stern look. She enters the dining hall and I can’t help to feel annoyed by the way her scent relaxes me. She sits next to my mother and they start talking animatedly as she starts eating her food. She has not even looked at me and I am willing her too but nothing.  I take her in because she looks beautiful. She is wearing a mauve colored dress that hugs all her curves. My fingers just itch to feel their way down her body again. She still won’t look at me and ever since that episode in my room I am dying to have her look at me. 

“Ireland, excuse me for interrupting yours and my mothers conversation but there is going to be a bonfire tonight in the clearing just through the forest path if you and your friends would like to come?”

She quirks her eyebrow at me and gives me a small smile “sure I will need to change and ask my friends but we will probably meet you there.”

“I already talked to Jason he will be going.” Jackson speaks up. Why is he talking to her friends?

“Great then I guess I will see you there Oliver.”

I nod at her then begin talking to my friends about the bonfire and plans for the rest of the week. As I am talking to them she excuses herself from the table and makes her way to the stairs. I wait a moment and follow after to go to my room and get a jacket. As I am going up the stairs voices stop me. It’s Emilia and she is talking to Ireland.

“Listen here you Scum, I don’t know what your game is with Oliver but he is going to pick me to be Luna and when that happens you won’t be welcome on our lands human!” I wait for Ireland's response. 

She laughs, then I hear a thud like someone hitting a wall “remember what I told you mutt this is the last warning talk to me like that again and I will cut out your tongue.” then the bedroom door closes.

 As I continue to make my way up to my room. I can see Emilia trying to straighten herself; it becomes evident it was her that hit the wall. She smiles as I approach. “Hey I was wondering if you would like to walk together to the bonfire?”

“Go ahead without me.” That is all I say. She just lowers her head and continues down the stairs.  The way she talked to Ireland has me irritated. Finn is in my head wanting to banish her right now for talking to our mate that way.

‘Who does she think she is? This is all your fault we should only be making mate Luna. we should not be allowing anyone to disrespect her!” 

I shut him out. I am irritated as well though I don’t know why, I don’t want her right? I shake my head and grab my Jacket as I exit the room, her door closes as well. In just her jeans and low cut v neck t-shirt she is gorgeous. She gives me a small smile again.

“Thank you for inviting me and my friends.”

“It seems they already knew about it as Jason was gonna go so it’s no big deal. I hope you have fun.”

“Well I am sure Jason will be going with his mate regardless they don’t like being away from one another. I heard that is normal for mates however.” She whispers that last part with a sad look in her eyes. She turns and walks down the hallway and down the stairs. 

I am frozen in place. I feel like I can’t move. The look on her face has my heart break slightly. Why does she have to be human? I could love her so deeply if only. Also I can’t help to feel a little excitement to hear that her friend Jason has a mate. I wonder who it is. All the sudden a hand claps down on my shoulder. I turn quickly and it's Preston. 

“Ready to go?’

“Of course! Let’s get the party started.” I respond but my heart isn’t in it. 

We arrive at the bonfire and the fire is blazing already. I see Ireland and her friends sitting on the grass laughing and joking. I am a little annoyed to see Jackson over there with them, is he trying to make a move on my Mate? I approach him and clear my throat “ Jackson you got a minute man?”

“Of course.”  He gets up and follows me away from the fire.

“ What's going on man? I feel like I have hardly seen you and when I do you are always with Ireland and her friends. You're supposed to be my future Gamma.”

“Well Oliver the fact is I found my mate.” He looks down at his feet which he is shuffling. Shit he looked nervous. He better not that she’s his mate.

“She’s mine!” I say through clenched teeth.

“ Wow man it’s not Ire, it's Jason. I was afraid to tell you I didn’t know how you would react. You seem pretty traditional when it comes to mates especially since this is the first time you have ever referred to her by her name and not calling her human like it's a nasty word.” I can’t help but be completely surprised. Surprised one for the fact that he knows she is my mate, two that he is defending her and three that one of my best friends was afraid to tell me he was mated to a male.

“Look dude you're one of my best friends, I am happy for you. Being mated to another male wolf is different than being mated to a human who is weak. Plus Jason is one of the strongest warriors, he will be a great second Gamma.”

“There are a couple things you should think about Oliver. One Ire is not weak not at all she is loving and caring, she is strong so strong that even with your constant down talking she has encouraged everyone how great you will be as an Alpha. That with every way you have hurt her with your words and actions she still walks around with her head held high. Plus when she leaves Jason will probably leave which means I leave. Not because I don’t care or am not loyal to the pack, but mates are the most important gift the goddess gives you. You should ask yourself not what cursed you with a human mate but what blessing the goddess gave you with Ire as a mate.” He just turns and walks away.

His words play in my mind. Ireland leaving. That is not something I had thought about. I am surprised by the pain that brings to my chest. Finn is howling at agony in my head. Maybe she could be a blessing but she is human and that would weaken the pack.

‘She is a blessing she is beautiful. Just watch you will regret what you have done, I just hope we don’t lose her before you do’

‘Just look at her Finn over there’ 

That is when I start to watch her how she laughs so carelessly. How she wrinkles her nose at her marshmallow as it burns in the fire. How she talks with everyone around her and smiles at everyone. How the fire reflecting in her eyes makes them glow. Just then her eyes meet mine and a small smile crosses her lips but as she realizes it she disappears and she looks at me with such complexity I feel like she is looking into my soul.

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