Chapter 10- Two Wolves Meet

Chapter Ten

Ireland POV

I am trying to avoid Oliver for the last 3 days since the bonfire and I caught him looking at me. It was like he was seeing me for the first time, it was kinda unsettling. He hasn’t been actively trying to talk to me either but I have caught him watching me from time to time. His interest in making me jealous with Emilia seems to be thinning as well though not for her lack of trying. The few private encounters I have had with him have ended with some very passionate kissing and touching. I wish I could say that his snarky comments about me being a weak human have stopped but of course they haven’t. As far as I know he still has the meeting with the elders scheduled so not much has really changed.

I decide after a very tense dinner with Emilia trying to get Oliver’s attention, catching him staring at me several times to go for a run. Zander stated he would keep the path to the meadow clear from the scouts. He came up with some story about a romantic run for him and Lilly. I don’t know the specifics but I am glad for it. Of course my friends offered to go with me but I turned them down. I walk into the woods and quickly stip off my clothes and quickly shift. I run and run through the woods making loops around the cleared sections where there are no scouts. I can’t help but stop occasionally and take in the fading scent of my mate that lingers. I get annoyed with Belle constantly wanting to stop to smell trees that mate has run by, I must ignore that the scent is getting stronger. 

I bound into the clearing as fast as I can and lay down on the grass not feeling the cold or moisture through my fur. I can’t help but think of the way he looked at me. The way I had wanted him to look at me since I first smelled him. I long for him, I want to be with him and not just Belle influencing my emotions or the bond. I love the man I see he can be when he does not realize I am looking. I love the way he cares about his people like they are his family. The more I fall for him despite everything he does and says to me the more I feel I have to keep him safe and keep my secret. I hear a twig snap from across the clearing and look up this beautiful Midnight black wolf steps in the clearing. He is huge and his eyes are just black, his fur is so dark it almost looks blue. Just as the wolf's eyes lock on me I realize it is him and I growl then bolt off into the woods. I can hear him chasing me. He is fast and close but not as fast as me, he does not seem to be tiring and it doesn’t seem like he has called for backup because no other wolves have appeared. I dash across the border. He doesn’t follow as it is no longer his land and he has no jurisdiction. I know I can’t return to the packhouse at the moment so I dash to the cabin. 

I shift and enter the cabin, it's my safe haven and worst memories trapped all in one place. I walk through the rooms and let my mind wander. My grandmother used to sit at this kitchen table and draw little pictures of houses and trees on napkins and lil pieces of paper. My grandfather used to set in the recliner falling asleep watching TV. There’s the room where they slept and I would go when my nightmares got too bad. I wonder if that bed could take my nightmares away now that they aren’t in it. I step out in the backyard and see the roses my grandmother planted are still there though they are overgrown from little maintenance. I peer to the back of the gate and it hits me. That's where I made the greatest mistake and it cost them their lives. It's my fault they died too soon. I decide it is time to head back to the pack house coming here so much and so often it is dangerous someone may realize I have been here. 

I shift back as I remember I don’t have any clothes and walking through the forest naked might be suspicious. I could mindlink Erik but I don’t want to bother him. I go back to where I thought I left my clothes and they aren’t there. Where the hell could they have gone. I have shifted and am now sneaking around the edge of the forest looking for spare clothes to wear. I see a pair of basketball shorts and t-shirt. I am desperate to take a shower so I just throw them on and rush to pack house not even taking in the scent on the clothes.

Oliver POV

That was the most gorgeous wolf I have ever seen but I wanted to know why it was on my land but damn it was fast and no scent to follow. I will have to talk to my dad about this because no wolf hides it’s scent unless it is up to no good. I ran around for about 2 more hours the whole time fighting Finn who wanted to keep searching. He didn’t like anyone crossing our land but he seemed excited this wolf was there. I finally headed back to where I had stripped and my clothes were gone. What the fuck where did my clothes go. I decide to just go back to my room and shower it isn’t like nudity is rare amongst werewolves, nonetheless I decide to take the back stairs up to my room. 

I hear the shower in the joining bathroom and I know I shouldn’t but I just want to see her body again so I check and my door was unlocked so I entered. She must not have heard me enter because she continues to take off the clothes she is wearing. My clothes she has my shirt and shorts on and I can’t control how hard that makes me. As she goes to step in the shower I am swiftly in behind her before she can get into the water. Strangely I am not even curious as to why she has my clothes on. She gasps when she feels me behind her.

I take a big inhale in the air near her. “As hott as you looked in my clothes smelling me on you makes me so fucking hard.” She looks surprised and turns around pushing her body against mine navigating us under the rain shower head. 

“Aren’t you just a dirty Alpha?” I can’t help my sharp inhale when she calls me Alpha. She reaches over and grabs my shampoo and squirts it in her hand and begins to scrub my scalp. “Maybe I can help a little with your filthy mind.”

Her hands rubbing my scalp with her body tight to me damn I don’t think I can get any harder.  Once she rinses I grab her shampoo. “My turn” I turn her back around and begin working the shampoo through her long hair. I let my hard dick press into her ass and lower back. She can’t help the moan that escapes her lips and my cock involuntary twitches. Once the shampoo is rinsed from her hair she turns to face me and leans up and places her lips on mine. I don’t hesitate to deepen it by nipping at her bottom lip. She grants me access and my tongue plunges into her mouth. Damn she tastes good. I grab her around her wide hips and she presses her body tighter into mine. Goddess I just want to fuck her right here and now and my cock is so close to her pussy resting low on her stomach. Before I can lift her up onto me she pushes back a bit and grabs a washcloth and soap and begins to wash my body moving to my back I can feel the pressure of her hand through the cloth as she washes my arms, back and legs before she moves to the front. I let out a growl as she begins to wash my chest and starts to slide her hand lower on my abs. I think I was about to cum right then and there but she squats down in front of me and I close my eyes. Then I feel her hand wrap around me and there is no cloth barrier. She begins stroking me.

“Feel good Alpha? I wonder if your thick cock will fit in my mouth Alpha. Can I try? You want to fuck my mouth huh Alpha?” She keeps saying Alpha and it is driving me crazy. I put my hand on her head guiding her mouth to the head of my dick. When I look down to meet her eyes they appear to be glowing. What the hell. I didn’t have time to dwell on it because she closed her eyes, and closed her lips around the head of my dick and licked. She grabbed my hips and guided more of me into her mouth. She started licking and sucking and bobbing her head back and forth while using her hands to guide my dick in and out of her mouth. I have my head rolled back and have my eyes closed. She is only going about three quarters of the way down my length but that is more than anyone else has. I could help but to growl out my approval. She was going slow teasing me but goddess it feels so good. She starts moaning on my dick as it slips in and out her mouth and I look down and see she has moved one of her hands and is rubbing her little clit as she sucks my dick. She slowly pulls my dick from her mouth. 

“Alpha please I want to taste you in my mouth please use it to make you cum Alpha.” She slides her lips around my cock again and reaches and puts my hands on her head. She starts sucking harder, hallowing her cheeks grazing her teeth along me occasionally all while moving harder. When she looks up at me and her eyes appear to be glowing beautifully, I loose it I start fucking her mouth hard and fast but she keeps up she relaxes her throat and to my surprise I slide down her throat and now my entire length is in her mouth. She moans her enjoyment of having me fuck her mouth and that is all it takes and with a loud growl I cum in her mouth. She swallows my load and continues to suck me clean.

“ MMMM you tasted amazing Alpha.” With that last Alpha I pull her up wanting to taste her and sit her on the edge of the bench of the shower and spread her legs apart. Her little bare pink pussy glistening with her juices.

“ Did sucking my cock get you all horny baby? Look at this lil clit is all swollen” with that I used my hand to spread her pussy lips apart and rub my finger across her swollen clit. “Did my hands feel good inside you? Wait until you know what my mouth can do to you but first let me  see you rub your lil clit.” I was dying to taste her but if she starts playing with that lil clit I know she wants my mouth on her. She reaches her right hand down and starts rubbing her clit with her middle finger.

“Like that Alpha?” she moans breathlessly. I nod my head in approval. Her moaning becomes louder and it sounds like she might cum and I want to do that to her. I move her hand away and lower my mouth onto her.. I flick my tongue on her sensitive bud then lick from the bottom of her slit dipping my tongue inside of her slightly then go back up to her clit sucking on it as I plunge my finger into her hole and fuck her with them. Goddess she tastes so sweet. This may be my new favorite flavor. I just want to fuck her but at the same time I don’t want to quit tasting her. She grabs the back of my head and pushes my mouth harder onto her pussy. Her moans are coming out harsher now.  I slip another finger into her and pump harder curving my fingers just right to hit her sensitive spot. Her muscles begin to clench around my fingers. She is so close. I slow my fingers holding her on the edge. I pull my fingers out and spread her more licking her from the bottom of her slit up to the top and then I go and fuck her tight hole with my tongue. I could just do this every day this could be my meal. I can feel her hole spasming around my tongue so I slide my fingers back in and latch onto her swollen clit.

“Alpha can I please cum? Please Alpha!” Fuck she asked pemission it was so fucking hot. 

“You want to cum all over my face and fingers? Do you think you have been a good girl and deserve to cum?”

“No Alpha I am a naughty girl, but I am your naughty girl only you allow me to cum”

Her words undid me and I pumped my fingers faster and nodded my head letting her know she could cum before latching on to her clit licking and sucking. She practically screamed out her orgasm, her eyes appearing to glow again. I licked up her pussy till it was clean then as I was going to lick my fingers she pulled them into her mouth and sucked her juices off them. 

After that we both just finished showering and went to our own rooms. I was surprised she never said anything or tried to stake claim and sleep in my room. She just told me thank you like we did a business transaction between the two of us. I lay in bed and when I close my eyes I see the glimpses of her eyes glowing. I decide to dismiss it as Finn says it just must have been the mating bond making us see things we would like to see. I am grateful she does not appear to be trying to change my mind regarding the rejection. With that thought a pain in my chest pierces through my heart. What makes it worse is that it is like she equally wants the rejection. I shake the thoughts from my mind and drift off to sleep. 

Finn POV

I got to meet her but she made me promise not to let Oliver know. It is going to pain me to keep this secret but I know that it is for the best. Belle and Ireland need protecting and as much as I want them if Oliver can’t accept Ireland for who she shows herself to be then it may never work. She feels that she is protecting us and that makes my heart hurt and I think he felt it. She is absolutely perfect but if a sacrifice needs to be made to keep my pack safe as well as my mate then no matter how it hurts I will protect her secret. I do wish I could run with Belle and I know she and Ireland wish the same but the dimwit can’t accept Ireland for all that he perceives to be her faults. He doesn’t deserve her and if I have to wait til the goddess calls us home I know eventually I will be with mate. I will just have to encourage her to be strong like she is and fight these fears and do what she was destined to do.

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when will we fund out what she is hiding

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