Chapter 59-Green eyes

Chapter 59-

Ireland POV

“I see Belle is back to arguing with you again.” Jason chuckles

“Well Jay you know she always likes her opinions known.” I let out a small laugh. I looked around the room. Erik had a guilty look on his face and Jackson and Jason were just looking at me. Oliver however just continued staring in the direction that Chris had left. An unreadable emotion showed on his face. “Alpha Oliver, I apologize for that. Chris will be back shortly.” He just nods slightly, turning his gaze back to me. 

Chris entered the room wrapping his arms around me from behind resting large hands on my pregnant belly. He kissed me lightly on the cheek. I couldn’t stop myself from looking over to Alpha Oliver who now had his head hanging l

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goodnovel comment avatar
I just realized I read the books backwards. This all makes so much sense now.
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Jane Walker
“It is better to lose your pride with someone you love rather than to lose that someone you love with your useless pride”. John Ruskin It’s a shame Oliver hadn’t realised this! I agree with Hermes that Ireland is settling with Chris, I’m sure she cares for him but is it enough? Fantastic story!
goodnovel comment avatar
This gets fixed for them unless Sophie and Chris are mates. But with Ireland being pregnant with Chris’ child, I don’t see how that would matter since Chris loved her the whole time. And what ever happened to Josh and the other twin? Surely we haven’t seen the last of them. I need more! Lol

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