Chapter 60-She's happy!

Chapter Sixty- 

Ireland POV

Well I guess the truth is out. He deserves to know the truth but I feel so defensive I can’t imagine that this would go well right now with emotions so high. I look at him on his knees looking so vulnerable and I approach him slowly. I have this need to comfort him and I don’t know why. Before I can reach him he looks up at me with so much anger in his eyes “EXPLAIN!”

The anger in his eyes sets me off. He has no room to be angry. If anyone has any reason to be angry it is me. “What do you need explained?” I seeth back.

“FUCK IRELAND! Everything needs to be explained. Is she mine and how is that possible and why did you hide it from me.”

“Lower your voice.” I

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Brenda Mills
This going on to long! I am getting tired of this! Please let Oliver and Ireland be together!!!!
goodnovel comment avatar
He is just so stupid. He never learns
goodnovel comment avatar
Is it really intended to end up like this? It's getting boring....

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