Author: Lady Tamia


“Get the hell off my couch!” he roared as he came in and found her seated on his leather couch. He has sent her a message to meet him in his office when he found her seated on the couch. “That is pure leather and you sit your dirty self on it! Who gave you the right?” she lowered her head as tears tickled her eyes, her hands trembled in fear.

No one alpha.” She answered as she kneeled in front of his desk. “The audacity you have for a slave is too much.” He walked around her and sat on his chair. Just everything about her rubbed him the wrong way. “Am hungry.” Yet he did not want her to leave his side and everything he wanted, it should be her who does it.

She sent a text to one of the omegas of the pack to bring food up for the alpha. “Have you gone deaf, I said I am hungry!” he said getting angry once again. “I sent a text to an omega to bring the food.” She answered him with a trembling voice. With a woosh! He jumped over his desk and pinned her on the ground choking her.

“Since when do omega’s prepare my food?” He said through his teeth emphasizing each word, his hand tightening around her neck. “Yo…you didn’t…give me…permission to leave.” She answered with so much difficulty, she could not go anywhere unless he gave her permission to do so and he did not tell her to go and get him food, he just said he was hungry.

He loosened the grip around her neck. “Stupid human! You can’t even think for yourself!” He let go and stood up, one of the reasons he hated her was that she was human, at least he believed that she was. Because one, she did not act like a werewolf, meaning she did not smell like one, did not eat like one, did not mind link like one and has not shifted like one and she was twenty going on twenty-one in a couple of months.

Everything about her was human and he hated humans. He walked over to the French window and stood there looking out. While Shannon behind him was coughing uncontrollably trying to steady her breathing. “If you don’t get up now and get my food. I might just strangle you to death, you are useless anyway.” He said without turning to look at her.

She quickly stood up and went out closing the door behind her. She went downstairs and met the omega with a tray of food. When she saw her she shook her head. “What has he done to you this time kid?” asked the elderly woman, Shannon shook her head. “Nothing, he has done nothing.” She answered forcing a smile.

The woman shook her head before handing the tray to her. “No, he won’t eat this, I will go and make something for him myself.” She knew that it will only take him smelling another person’s scent on the tray and she was going to get into so much trouble. “Then you eat this food, come, there is more food in the kitchen just get him what he wants, then come back and eat.” Shannon smiled in appreciation.

The only people she got along with within the pack were the omegas, especially the old ones she grew up around. She hurried to the kitchen to make the food, the woman shook her head. “I wonder what this poor child did to Austin to make him recent her this much, alpha and Luna, why did you have to die and live this poor child in such a situation?”

She thought out loud before she went the other way, Shannon’s situation was much better when the former alpha and Luna were alive. They loved and treated her as their own, Austin was okay with her until they died then things changed.

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Ybhor Zurc Aled Torres
WOW it's amazing story. I love it...️
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Jen Edmonds
how sad....
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Jane Walker
Very interesting first chapter! I wonder why he changed or did he always act like this but his parents were there to stop him? I can’t wait to see what happens.

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