Chapter 1

“Sweetheart, please stop eating soil, it’s not good for the baby” alpha Damian of the Golden Mood pack said to his mate, Luna Kendra. She was four months pregnant and one of her cravings was soil, especially after it rained she would go out looking for it and eat it. “I know, but I can’t help it, your pup wants it.” She answered then pouted like a teenager.

Damien shook his head helplessly. “Come, let’s go back.” He helped her up and they went back to the packhouse. “I will be going for my meeting in a few minutes, don’t eat any more soil while I am away.” He told her as they got inside the packhouse going to the kitchen. “Okay,” she said knowing every well that she will go back and get more the moment he leaves.

Am serious Kendra, no more eating soil, also the war might be over but we still don’t know what will happen, it’s dangerous being out there all by yourself.” Damien expressed his concerns. “It’s been six months since the war ended Damien and these are our pack lands, am sure that I am safe,” Kendra argued.

Six months ago, vampires, witches, and Trolls got together. They killed the royal werewolf family consisting of only pure white werewolves with emerald eyes. Since the supernatural species was too large the royal family formed a council consisting of all the leaders of different species.

The responsibility of this council was to maintain peace among the supernatural and that has been working well for years. There has been no war since the council was formed and peace rained among the supernatural. Vampires and witches felt that they were superior to all the other supernatural beings and wanted to be the ones to rule instead of werewolves.

They got together and also recruited Trolls to fight alongside them to overthrow the royal family so that they can be in charge of the supernatural world. But what they did not plan on was all the other supernatural beings teaming up and fighting against them. When the word got out that they have killed the werewolf royal family.

All the supernatural beings teamed up and fought against them, Fairies, werewolves, Fae, Giants, and Mermaids. All came together and fought against the witches, vampires, and Trolls, it was not an easy war, it took a month for the war to end but unfortunately, all the royal family members were killed.

Six months down the line the supernatural were still picking up the pieces and trying to locate all those vampires, withes, and Trolls who ran. Damien still felt that for as long as they are still out there, it was not safe. “I know that it has been six months but we have not found the bloodsuckers that ran, now did we?” he asked with his eyebrow raised.

They got into the kitchen and Kendra sat on a barstool. “Give her something proper to eat, will you?” Damien asks one of the omegas. “Yes, alpha.” Answered the omega, Damien kissed Kendra’s cheek. “Am leaving now, please behave.” She nodded then he kissed her forehead and left.

After eating Kendra wanted more soil, so, she left the packhouse going towards the river but turned and took the other way towards the mountains when she thought of Damien and the people he might have asked to look after her while he is gone. She walked for a while then found a pond, she went around it then started digging for soil.

She started eating but was disturbed by twigs breaking.

She stopped then looked around, she did not see anything then she continued eating her soil, she heard the twigs breaking once again, she looked around and saw nothing. She thought it was just rabbits, so, she ignored it, but as she was going back to enjoying her soil she heard a baby cry.

She stopped then stood up and looked around. She did not see anyone but the baby's cries continued, she went around following the cries until she saw her, inside a small cave a baby was there wrapped in a pink blanket. Kendra stood up straight and looked around but she did not see anyone.

Hello!” she called out but there was no response. “Is anyone there?” she called once again but still there was no response. She bent down and picked up the crying baby and hushed her. She immediately quietened down feeling the warm embrace, Kendra smiled looking at the beautiful chubby cheeks.

She stayed there for hours but no one showed up, it was getting dark and the baby was getting restless. Probably hungry and needed a nappy change. She started making her way back to the packhouse, she was met by warriors on the way who looked worried. “Luna, we have been looking for you.” One of the warriors told her.

Why?” she asked confused as to why they would be looking for her as if she was lost. “No one has seen you for hours and when alpha came back he was worried and sent everyone out looking for you.” The warrior explained, Kendra sighed, it has been a while since she left and she did not tell anyone. Of course, Damien would be worried.

Tell your alpha that I am okay and that we are headed back to the packhouse.” She instructed, she did not want to open the mind link now as she knew that Damien will be on her case, she wanted to talk to him when she got back and explain the baby situation. Of course, the warriors saw the baby in her arms but did not say anything.

Alpha, we have found Luna and we are on the way back to the packhouse,’ one of the warriors reported. ‘Is she okay?’ asked Damien worried that something might have happened to her since her mind link did not go through. ‘Yes, alpha, she is alright.’ Reported the warrior, Damien nodded as if they could see him and cut the link.

The warriors walked back to the packhouse with her and left her at the door when she was getting in, then they went a different direction and mind-linked the others telling them that the Luna was back. When Kendra got upstairs, Damien was already there waiting for her. When he saw her he stood up ready to give her an earful but stopped in his tracks when he saw the baby in her arms.

Let me change and feed her first then we can talk.” Damien’s mind was all over the place, was their daughter born already? Why didn’t anyone tell him when he got back? Why was her mate even out with her when she has just given birth? All these questions were in his mind but he had no answers.

He waited impatiently as Kendra undressed the baby, bathe her then took some of the clothes they bought for their unborn daughter and dressed her. She mind linked one of the she-wolves who had a baby to give her some baby formula since she did not have some, their boy Austin was six years old already and stopped drinking formula a long time ago.

The she-wolf brought the formula and she thanked her. She then fed the baby as she hummed to her, she fed then fell asleep as soon as she was done, she took her to the nursery they prepared for their daughter with Damien following behind like a lost puppy. She gently placed her on the baby court then left, still with her mate behind her.

She sat on the bed and sighed. “Tell me everything.” Said Damien when he saw that she was still pregnant and that the baby was a bit older, like two months old. “I found her,” Kendra said without looking at him. “You found her where?” he asked since she was not saying anything else.

Close to the mountains, towards the northern border, there is a pond there and some caves. I found her in one of them, I waited and called out but no one came. So, I brought her back with me.” She explained. “What were you doing there?” he asked knowing very well why she was there but he wanted her to say it.

I went to get some soil.” She told him with her head lowered making him sigh in defeat. “I will send the word out to other packs in case they know anything about the baby. But you are getting a bodyguard, someone to look after you every minute of the day.” He told her and she snapped her head up looking at him when he mentioned a bodyguard.

Is that necessary?” she asked pouting. “Yes, it is, you blocked your mind link and came back home with a baby Kendra, who knows what will happen next or what else you will bring home. You are not safe out there on your own!” She raised an eyebrow not liking how he was talking to her. He sighed helplessly when he saw that she wanted to cry.

Alright, don’t cry now, we will find who the baby belongs to but you are still getting a bodyguard.” He told her as he comforted her. Seeing that she won’t get the way she nodded in agreement. Damien mind linked his beta to send word out about the baby his mate found. “How was she today besides making you eat soil?” he asked about the pregnancy.

She has been good, where is Austin?” she asked because she did not see her son when she came back. “Still at Andre’s playing with Jaden.” Answered Damien, Jaden is his beta Andre’s son, they were about the same age. “Alright, am tired now I will sleep.” She told him. “Not until you eat something.” He told her.

Can we eat here then?” she asked, lazy to go back downstairs “Yes, let me go get us some food.” He kissed her forehead then left the room to get food but Kendra fell asleep the moment she laid her head on the pillow. Damien came back and found her sleeping. He shook his head then tucked her in.

Then went to check on the baby and she was asleep. He tucked his son in then went to bed.

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Jane Walker
Hmmm, maybe the baby’s a royal that was hidden? Interesting to find out! I’ve heard of some funny cravings whilst pregnant but soil? 😝 I wonder if the alpha’s parents died protecting her and he resents her for it or just plain jealous like Bella said! Great story
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Bella Jersey
Yes you are getting a bodyguard you want to eat soil. You came home with a baby. God know what else she come home with
goodnovel comment avatar
Bella Jersey
Could it just be plain old jealousy? That’s why he’s so evil to her

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