Chapter 7


I sat in my office thinking about this issue with Shannon and that damned Lucas. He knows who she is, and he approached her on purpose, to piss me off and its working. I stood up and poured myself a glass of whiskey hoping it will calm me down. I poured the first shot and downed it in one go then poured another but before I could down it as well my beta spoke.

“Wow! are you trying to kill yourself or what?” he asked, and I lowered the glass in my hand then turned to look at him. His standing in the doorway giving me a complicated look. “Am not trying to kill myself, I am just frustrated.” I tell him then took a seat, he comes in and seats in front of me.

“Is it the thing that made you want to come back early from the meeting that is frustrating you?” he asked concerned, I sighed. “Yes.” I told him honestly and he nods. “What is it Austin?” Eliot and I grew up together as friends. Since our parents were both in leadership positions in the pack and we were supposed to take those positions when we grew up. We decided to become friends and start getting to know each other and building the trust and bond between us.

“Shannon is dating Lucas.” I told him and he knits his eyebrows making a line in between his eyes. “When does she get the time to have a boyfriend?” I wish I knew but she won’t tell me. “I don’t know, maybe she sneaks out at night and go meet with him.” I told him and he nods. “It’s possible but how did you find out?” I sighed and took deep breaths to contain my anger then took out my phone and showed him the pictures.

“Those were taken today when she went to the mall, she met up with him and look at how cosy they are.” This matter is frustrating, she will have to stop seeing him and she needs to understand that she belongs to me! “I see but why does this bother you? She is your sister not your mate.” Somehow what he just said pissed me off.

“She is not my sister and even if she was my mate I wouldn’t know because she doesn’t have her wolf., she is human remember?” I told him emphasizing every word. “If she is human like you say she is then your wolf would have told you that she was your mate, werewolves do have human mates you know.” He tells me and he is right. But still Shan, belongs to me and I will not let her date Lucas. Mate or not she belongs to me.

“I know, it’s just that Shannon’s situation is complicated and until I figure out what is going on with her, I don’t want the likes of Lucas close to her and distracting her.” Lucas just wants to use her to get to me, but I won’t let him. “Are you sure that is all there is to it?” he asks me with his eyebrow raised. “What else could it be?” I asked him and he nods.

“Okay, if you say so then fine.” He tells me but before I could say anything a knock sounded on my door, I sniffed, and I caught her scent. I hid the smile that wanted to break out of my face. “Come in.” I yelled and kept my eyes glued to the door. She opened it slowly then entered, her head was bowed, and her hair looked beautiful, I wish I could sniff it. I want to see her face and those beautiful eyes of hers. “Alpha, I am done.” She tells me but I do not think I like her calling me alpha, it sounds too formal coming from her.

“Look at me.” I instructed her with a stern voice not wanting to show just how desperate I am to see her face. She hesitates for a moment before she lifted up her head slowly and my eyes were glued to her in anticipation. Her face showed after waiting her what felt like forever and when I saw it my heart skipped a beat.

She is more beautiful then I remember, just how long has it been since I asked her not to look at me? I frowned thinking about it but still keeping my eyes on her, she starts shaking and I raised an eyebrow. She is trying very hard not to look straight at me and I hate it. “Did you take our bags to the car?” that is not what I wanted to ask.

I wanted to ask if she could forgive and be mine. What am I saying? She is my sister, not biological but we grew up in the same house. But why do I feel this way, what has she done to me because I know that she is not my mate. “Yes, alpha I have.” She tells me and I don’t even remember what I asked her.

This is the reason why I asked her never to look at me and to kneel when talking to me. Her face and eyes weaken me. Her body makes me feel things that a brother should not feel for a sister, it makes me angry and frustrated. She thinks that I am treating her badly, but I am only trying to protect her from me, I don’t know what I would have done to her already had we still been friendly with each other, she drives me crazy!

“Alright, I will be there just now, I have something to finish with beta Eliot.” I tell her and she nods. I start to feel the anger raising from the pit of my stomach, why is it that she is so stingy with that voice of hers. “Yes, alpha.” I smiled but quickly got rid of it. She remembered that I love hearing her voice.

“You may leave.” I dismiss her and she goes out then closes the door behind her. When I look back at my beta, I see him looking at me strangely. “What?” I asked then took my glass then took a sip. “You like Shannon, but not as a sister.” He tells me and I laughed nervously. “What makes you think that?” I asked him to keep my composure.

“The way you were looking at her just now, you tried to hide it, but I know you Austin, you like her.” His right, he knows me but there is no way I am admitting that, what would everyone say? “Then if I like her so much why is she my slave?” this is the only card I can play now that he cannot dispute.

“I don’t know you tell me and why do you have a problem with her seeing Lucas if you don’t like her that way?” because Lucas does not deserve her, I wanted to say but I could not, not without sounding like I want her for myself. Which I think I do. “Because Lucas is my enemy and if he is getting close to Shannon, it’s not because he loves her but because he has his own agenda. Don’t act like you don’t know how he is.” He knew every well how Lucas is, we went to school together and he has always been an asshole.

“That makes sense, I wonder what he is planning now.” I got him! He will not doubt me now, I smiled internally. “That is what we have to find out and before I forget I have asked for cameras to be installed in her room and the hallway.” He raises an eyebrow again. “Why?” I wonder why does he always feel the need to question me?

“Because I want to see what she gets up to when everyone is asleep, I want to see if Lucas comes into my pack without my knowledge and I want to know his plan so that I can protect this pack.” I tell him, but that is not what I wanted to say or what I really wanted. What I really wanted was to know if they are really dating and catch that fool so that I can kill him.

“You right, we have to be careful when it comes to him, he is very cunning.” He tells me. “That he is.” I finished talking to him then we walked out together with me going to join Shan in the car so that we can leave for this meeting. She was in the car on her phone when we got out and I could not help but wonder if she is talking to him.

Goddess, she is going to drive me crazy!

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cathy knoblauch
Am I the only one that thinks this is all jacked the hell up...seriously WTF...
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Rafaella Vittoria
Yes! Death to bullies! He has feelings for her, but he's a coward!
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Jane Walker
ūü§Ē is he or isn‚Äôt he her mate?? Glad to see him jealous! Now let‚Äôs see him feel like sh+t because of the way they treat her and how hard she works and probably how little she sleeps. Captivating story

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