Chapter 11


I hate that I hit her, but she just makes me so mad, how can she even think of leaving me? I know that it’s that damned Lucas that made her want to leave, he is the one influencing her, but I will not let him win, he will not be getting her. Shannon is mine and is not going anywhere!

I did not want her birthday to turn out this way, I wanted her to be happy today and I even got her a necklace as a gift. But I had to hear that she wants to leave me, why would she want to leave? I have been treating her well lately and she has no reason for wanting to leave.

Damnit Lucas! This is all his fault; he is the one feeding her nonsense! I swear that I am going to kill him with my bare hands should Shannon leave this pack. My door opens while I am busy pacing up and down in my office. “I heard that you hit Shannon, on her birthday, look I get that she is your slave and all but to hit her on this day of all day’s man is cr

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Kirana Mulya
She should've rejected him.
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She did reject him, she just didn’t do it in the official way to sever the bond.
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Agree. The only way he hasn’t abused her is sexually. Their parents are rolling in their graves as to how he and the pack have treated her. I’m guessing their parents died in a hit if someone figured out they had the baby and wouldn’t tell where she was. Maybe Lucas would be a better mate or rogue

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