Chapter 42

When the two rogues were just inches from her face there was a bright blinding light that blinded everyone, and no one saw what happened as they covered their eyes from the light. Austin was the first to look when the light disappeared, and he saw her laying on the ground. He did not waste time and ran in her direction to see if she was okay. When he got to her, he saw that there two rogues were laying there by her side dead.

But that did not put his heart at ease, he wanted to be sure that she was alright and that nothing happened to her. he kneeled and picked her up. He felt her breathing and sighed in relief. She was okay, that was all that mattered to him. The troll elder came towards him also looking like he has seen better days. “Is she alright?” asked the elder referring to Shannon.

“She is but I think that she used a lot of her powers that they drained her energy and she fainted.” He answered walking towards the elder’s house, the

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Rafaella Vittoria
Told you the seer is delusional

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