Chapter 43

The troll elder, Tia, and the werewolf elder. Helped each other gather all the bodies of rogues and put them together so that they can burn them. Austin was busy lining up all the trolls and witches that were captured. “You think that you have won but you have not, a lot more is still coming dog and I suggest you go and look after your pack because they might be in more danger than you think.” Matias said to Austin.

“I don’t the kind of creatures you are than turn on their own kind, we werewolves might have rogues, but their situation is different, it is due to them losing their mates and their wolves taking over turning them into what you have seen now. But with you, I fail to understand, there is no unity among your kind, and you turn against each other like nothing.” Austin told him making Matias huff.

“So, you think werewolves are better just because they stand unity and family? I refuse to believe that because even some of your

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