Chapter 18

Memories flooded my brain in an instant...

His face was staring down at me, smiling, words... many words... bits and pieces of holding hands, kisses, touching me repeatedly, ....

I tried to snap out of this trance, and held my head as a headache began to form...

His voice jolted me out of my thoughts, "Marianna? are you ok? do you need the doctor?" he said

"No! no I am sorry sir, or I mean Emmanuel I just have a slight headache, I hope you don't find me rude, but if you wouldn't mind, I would like to be alone right now?" I could barely look at his handsome face, but I managed to see worry plastered all of it. Something about seeing this man worried had strings tugging at my heart.

"As you wish Marianna, if you need anything I left my phone number on the notepad by your bed, I'm only one call away ok." he said as you he laid his hand on my shoulder.

I tried to hide the chill it sent through my body. Why is a man who is supposed to be my boss

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04.19.2022. there have been no new chapters for months.  still no updates, still stuck on chapter 114 warn readers DO NOT START TO READ THIS BOOK THE AUTHOR VANISHED
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04 19.2022 still no updates, still stuck on chapter 18. do not start reading this bookbecause the author has vanished. very disappointing. ...
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03.03.2022 still on chapter 18 waiting for new chapters or a refund!
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