Day 5 A plan to Escape

She got awake from the noise coming outside, she quickly gets up from her bed and peek out the window of her room. Just like last night all were busy the military truck are come and go, a military Aircraft engine totally rattles her. Soldiers are forming online being attended to the order given by their officer and it was Sergeant Herrera, who are in charge, maybe they are their men in his battalion.

She quickly thinks and packs all of her things and change her dress in a shirt and jeans, this is the time to get escape everyone are busy, she is sure that no one will notice her all that she needs to do is to get a ride on a military truck she is sure it will go on their way near the city and it will be easy for her to find her friends.

She went in the bathroom of this room, there was a window through which she could pass, She first threw her bag and she let herself to be out. She fell to the ground as she jumped out of the bathroom window. She forced herself to stand even though her hip hurt and immediately slung his bag over her shoulder. She is too careful so that she will not be noticed and get caught by the soldiers. She walked quickly towards the military truck she had to ride there without anyone noticing.

She is grateful that no one noticed her, just a few steps away and she is able to ride in a military truck.

"Maraming Salamat po" (softly whisper in her own language)

She was about to get into the truck when she heard a familiar voice from behind. She froze a minute and turned around.

"What a wonderful morning, Ma'am"? What are you doing here? Trying to escape huh!!!

"Oh.. I'm just... Just... She was speechless

" Just what huh"?

"Oh, I just wanted to try to ride on the truck"... She grinds and smiled to the Sergeant.


He turned around and back to her checking the bag slung on her shoulder.

Well, then... If you are planning to escape I am sorry for you, ma'am, just because I will make sure that you won't be able to take a single step to let you go out to this camp. Okay?

She moves closer to the Sergeant and grasp his hands, her eyes is pleading.

"Please, Sir, let me escape I need to go with my friends they need me.. I was lost in the forest and I am here to be the one of the volunteers. Please... tears swelled up in her eyes.

The Sergeant just chuckled and smiled at her.

" Do you think that you can get me in your little drama"?

She moves a bit closer to the Sergeant and suddenly she just kissed him on the cheek that surprised the Sergeant.

"Ohh, sorry... It's a prize from me just let me escape",. She pleaded with the Sergeant.

Sergeant Herrera just laughs loud. He picked her up which surprised Chyrill, she did nothing but shout and beat the Sergeant.

"Put me down"... She shouted continuously and started to speak in her language.

"Sinabi ng ibaba mo ako" with anger in her voice.

Oh ho ho ho... speaking again in your native language huh?...

All the soldiers there were just laughing and shook their heads. Funniest scene? Or maybe they are just happy because there is a woman they are having fun with. The Sergeant carried her back to her room and even though he wanted to escape, she could not make his arms are too strong.

He put her down when they got into her room. She shouted with so much anger to the Sergeant. 

"You stay here hard headed lady", or don't let me do things not good to you Ma'am, just be good!!! 

She suddenly slaps the Sergeant that surprise her too. She closed the door of the room and she was terrified because she might believe that it had done her harm.

She locks the door and cried. She don't even know how long she will be stuck in this camp or if she will can go back alive. Sergeant Herrera, just shook his head at what was done to him and smiled, something for that woman that makes him so interested.

"All eyes on her, don't let her get out of that room, and give her something to eat." He ordered to the one of his men.

A moment after the door open one of the soldier has a tray of food for her and leaves it on the table near to her bed. She was trying to talk to him, but he doesn't answer, she plead and asking a help but it seems she was never been heard. The soldier leaves the room without saying anything and quickly close the door. She slammed the door and shouted. Pleading to let her out from this room. But no one is listening, the two soldiers guarded her just smiled and shook their head, they know that she will be getting tired and she will be stopped.

An hour has passed, she got tired and feels her stomach is empty. She looked at the food tray that was laid on the table, she starts to eat and think a lot of how she will be getting out of this camp. Maybe she needs to be kind to the Sergeant for her to gain his trust.

"Tama... tama... Kailangan kunin ko ang loob niya para ma tiwala siya sa akin. (Speaking in her language)

She now, decided that she will ask his forgiveness for what she have done a while ago. 

Late afternoon when someone gets into her room it was Sergeant Herrera that surprised her a lot her heart beats fast from the moment she saw him. She feels that there is electricity, running into her body from the moment he gets close to her. The Sergeant held her arms and took her out from the room. She was afraid that something will do to her because of what she have done to him a while ago.


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