Day 6 I want to say Sorry

Yesterday was been a long day for her, after her trying to escape from the camp and she has slapped the Sergeant she thought that it would be the end of her world. Sergeant Herrera brought her to small town and let her see the situation of this land, she witnesses the crucial situation of the people here, her eagerness to help the people of Simpkins has strengthened her courage even more. She was here for a volunteer to help them not to die. She needs to be with the other just like what her heart desired to help.

She gets up too early and prepares to face the Sergeant, she wears an old rose dress and she put lipstick and powder she was more of getting conscious about what she will look like. Anyways, it doesn't matter what she will be looking like when she faced the Sergeant, but why she is cared it too much.

She surprisingly opens the door of her room it was not locked at all and no more soldiers to look an eye to her, she looks around if there is anybody who will stop her to go out of the room, but no one, no one is caring anymore even if she walks along the hallway of the camp. Everyone is busy, she looks for Sergeant Herrera but he is not around, everybody is just glancing at her, she tried to talk with them but they passed through.

She saw a familiar face a Soldier who has a blonde hair she approached him.

"Hi have you seen Sergeant Herrera, I need to talk to him.

" He is at the commander's office Ma'am. "

" He might be busy I guess"

"Yes Ma'am"

"Can you take me to the commander's office? I need to talk to him. She asked with kindness and she smiled. Please...

" Maybe, it's better to wait for your room Ma'am. I will tell to the Sergeant you are waiting for him.

"Ohh... hmmm... Thanks, but I am not still allowed to go outside? 

" Well, Yes Ma'am that's an order coming from him.

"Really? Why everyone here doesn't care at all.... I mean they see me here....

" I'm sorry Ma'am, I don't have to explain to you"

"Wait... I will not go back to my room, I don't want to be

a prisoner okay? I need to breathe okay? What is your name anyways?

" I'm 1st officer Clark Jones Ma'am"

"Thanks Mr. Clark Jones"

She walks away and she doesn't know she will be going; she just wanted to go around and need some air to breathe. She keeps on walking and she had been an observer of the people around here, she noticed that this place was not only for soldiers they are other people living here the people living downtown of the city the people of the North of the Simpkins. She could never imagine that there's a place like this in Simpkins the poorest of the poor are separated from the other.

She moves closer to look what is in that place its a small town, there are children playing, adults are busy in doing other things. She takes a walk and trying to get closer, but before she takes a single step someone stops her and she has noticed it was Sergeant Herrera, who stops her, the Sergeant holding her arms and pull her closer.

"What?" she asked hesitantly

"You are not supposed to be here"

"Well, I'm just walking and looking for you"

The Sergeant pulled her away from that place, away from the people of the North Simpkins. She was little hurt by the Sergeants grip on her wrist so much and she tried to get away. The Sergeant brings her in his office and talk to her. She let her sit before the Sergeant starts word to say to her.

He put his gun on a table before he talks to her.

"Why you are so hard headed woman huh?"

"What? Me? as in me?"

"Yes.... Nobody else in this room."

"I am looking at you, I need to talk to you... I have something to say."

"You are not allowed to go outside or in other Places here inside the camp". You understand?

"I am not a prisoner here, I am just like the others here a concerned citizen and why I should let myself lock in the room for all day"?

"For your safety Ma'am".

She just keeps quiet about what Sergeant said. "I just wanted to say Sorry to you for what I have done on the other day"

"Ohhh... It's okay, It's fine."


"Yes." The Sergeant smiles, this woman bring a little happiness to him every time she talks and the way she moves.

"I asked anyone to come with you back into your room" Sergeant Herrera says with a serious in his face.

"Ohh... Pwede bang ikaw na lang maghatid sa akin... (speaking in her language)

" What you say"?

She just shocked her head and smiled.

After Sergeant Herrera talk over the phone someone knocks on his office.

One of his army comes over to accompany her back to her room.

"Ms. Chyrill called by Sergeant Herrera."

She froze for a moment and look back at the Sergeant for the first time she was called in her name.

"Yes Mr. SERGEANT". She gets blushed and stuttering.

"Be good".

Something in her heart feels a happy feeling, her heart pounding just like the other day she feels the same. She didn't know why, but she feels more secure when she talks to the Sergeant.

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