Day 7 The People of the North of Simpkins

Sergeant Herrera brings her in this place of the camp where the people of Northern Simpkins live here. When they are getting nearer to the place she feels excited and curious about on how they are living in the place near the camp. When they had reached the place of the Northern People of Simpkins, her heart feels so much sadness and feel pity to the children, they don't have much food to eat and clothes to wear.

She tried to hold her tears back, the Sergeant notices it, but he just ignored. The soldiers bring food for them, she helps to distribute it to the people of Northern Simpkins, and she wonders how the people of Northern Simpkins live in their daily life they are affected by the war and children don't get a formal education.

She sat in the bark of the tree and watches the children that enjoying the meal a forage and a piece of meat to fill their empty stomach that is how they are being affected by the war of the Simpkins.

Sergeant Herrera just looks at her from afar, He feels guilt and feel pity for that woman that suddenly landed here in Simpkins a place where the war was never been ended. He walks toward to her and offers her a hanky. Chyrill, suddenly wipe her tears and get a hanky from her own pocket.

"Oh, thanks, I have a hanky... Sorry about that..... I just can't imagine how those children live their life in this kind of world.

" This is how they live, if I were you don't give much your heart for them". This is their life so you can't do anything about that". Don't get attached to them.

She just keeps quiet, suddenly, their eyes meet and she got blushed at the moment the Sergeant smiles at her. She suddenly averted her eyes from the Sergeant and turned her gaze to the children and walked away from the Sergeant.

The Sergeant smiles and returned to his post, from afar, he just observed what Chyrill doing, his heart pounding every time he looks at her, maybe he was just happy with it a woman once before they suspect as one of the intelligence unit of the Sans serif terrorist.

Late in the afternoon after they had finished distributing food to the people of Simpkins the Sergeant decided to return back to the camp, but, for this time the Sergeant allows her to come with them to the market so she can able to buy things of her own.

"Are you sure of this Sergeant? I don't have money to buy those things."

"it's Okay, it's my treat for you".

"Oh... Thanks" she smiles sweetly to the Sergeant.

She bought things for her and they buy fruits, vegetables and a meat for the people of the North Simpkins.

"Oh... Sorry Sergeant if I buy a lot, I just wanted to give this to the people of Simpkins.

The Sergeant suddenly sign to be quiet that she wondered why.

" Keep quiet, someone will hear you... Okay?

"But... I just say....

" No more question Ma'am"

She just nodded and walks in the way of the market and picks some fruits and vegetables until the bag she carrying is full enough. Sergeant Herrera gives a hand to carry the bag.

"Thank you". She is smiling to the Sergeant.

"I never know that you are kind too, I thought you are a kind of person doesn't smile at all."

"But now? What you think?"

"You're cute when you smile" She got blushed when she said that to the Sergeant.

"Malapit na ako mahulog talaga sa'yo... (Speaking in her language)

" Oh... Speaking again in your language"(chuckles)

She just smiles sweetly and keeps on walking along in the market place. 

She sees an Ice cream parlor nearby, she is like a kid that so excited to see an Ice cream parlor her eyes narrowed and smiles big she quickly goes inside, but before she opens the door the Sergeant holds her arms and pull her away to the store.

"Why? She asked with question in her eyes.

" Don't worry, I have money of my own.. I will treat you"

"No. Emphatically says by the Sergeant.

" But, Why? she says hesitantly

"Why you always asked question? That's an order you should follow". I don't need to explain to you everything okay?

She pulls her arms away from the Sergeant Herrera and keeps walking back to the military truck.

She gets to ride in a truck without asking any help from anyone from the Arland Soldiers or even to Sergeant Herrera.

The Sergeant notices her for being so quiet, he wanted to ask her and say any words, but he feels afraid and hesitant to approach her. Chyrill keeps looking outside until they turn back to the camp. Sergeant Herrera helps her as she got off the truck.

She walks back to her room and thinking about what was happening in the market, she should not act like that it was just an ice cream, but she doesn’t understand Sergeant Herrera why there's a lot of things that are prohibited living here in Simpkins is not too healthy.

Day 8 A blast

It's a beautiful morning of this day, she wakes up too early and getting ready to go at the Place of North Simpkins to distribute all the foods they had bought yesterday. She helps to pack the foods for the North Simpkins people, she looks for Sergeant Herrera but he was not around, she heard that he was with the commander and being busy of some important things.

They headed to the Place North Simpkins people along at the back of this camp. After long way of walking they reached the Place and they distribute it one by one to the people of North Simpkins she feels happy that even in a small thing she had to help those people who are affected by the war. She thinks that there is a reason why she was here, being a volunteer on this place. They look too happy with everything that they received, especially those children they had a big smile. After an hour they need to go back at the camp and she promised to the children that for the next day she will teach them to read and write. She waves goodbye to the children.

At the Arland Soldiers Camp

She sees Sergeant Herrera, along the way to the camp, she approached the Sergeant and greeted him. But the Sergeant was looking at her and says nothing and going back on what he is doing. She was totally disappointed and being feel sad and guilt, maybe because of what's happening in the market yesterday. She was left behind in the middle of the camp while watching them doing things so busy.

The Sergeant looks at her from afar, thinking about her and being so concerned with Chyrill he wants to approach her, but because of things happening right now he has no time to keep arguing or making good things with her.

He was surprised when Chyrill suddenly appeared in front of him.

"Hi, Sergeant can I borrow your little time for me. Chyrill smiled at him.

" Ohh...there you go again, What are you doing here? You supposed to be in your room. "

" Oh yes, I know that, I am not supposed to be here and no need to ask questions".

"So you know the rules?

She nodded and smiled.

"Do I need to lift you again to go back in your room?"

"No. I want to ask a favor."

"Here you go again Ms. Chyrill, Why you are so naughty?

" I need to go at the Market, I will buy some stuff for kids. Will you able to do that? Well, I want to clear that it is not for me...But for the kids. Please Sergeant. Her eyes pleading to the Sergeant.

Sergeant Herrera just shocked his head and finally he was able to grant the request.

At the Market Place

When they were at the Market, they buy some stuffs needed by the children. She notices the crowd nearby, she moves forward along the crowded area to look what is in there? Suddenly, she heard a loud explosion and the people in the market screaming and running. Immediately the soldier searches the area and let all the people away from the place.

There are lying prostrate and bloody bodies. She was rattling and cried about what she has seen, What happened next was that she did not know that everything was chaotic and exchanges of gunfire were heard between the soldiers and terrorist.

"Where is Chyrill? Sergeant shouted to their man.

Soldiers look around to find her, and finally he was spotted by the Sergeant.

" I see her, three o'clock cover me. 

He slowly goes in her place where she was mingled to the crowded area. She was looking too scared and she was starting to cry, she looks around and don't have an idea on what will to do. She just sat down in fear and covered her ears because of the gunshots she heard. She was startled by someone holding her hands and when she looked up, she saw Sergeant Herrera. She suddenly cried on Sergeant shoulder.

Sergeant Herrera takes her away to the place she covers with him and along with the other soldiers, but at the moment they are near to a safe area the terrorist attack again and give a gunshot to her but quickly Sergeant Herrera covered her. 

The Sergeant got a shot in his back, but he was ordered to give a shot to the Sans Serif terrorist and neither of their men, they pulled Sergeant Herrera and one soldier covered her away from that bloody place in the market.

Immediately a military trucks coming to respond to the situation and rescued the wounded civilians and given an attack to the terrorist. A continues gunfire coming from the Arland Soldiers and terrorist until the Sans Serif terrorist has to run away because of the massive explosion that give the Arland Soldiers.

She takes the military car together with Sergeant who is full of blood and loss his consciousness. He was quickly brought to the medic to cure him.

She followed at the medic room, she wanted to say with the Sergeant because she feels it was her fault and she was saved by him, she wanted to be sure that Sergeant Herrera was okay, but she was not allowed to enter the room.

The whole night she was alone in the lobby of the medic room of Arland soldiers, doctors and nurses are come and go every time she asked about the condition of Sergeant Herrera no one answered her about what is his condition.

One of the officers comes over and ask her to go back into her room and she was assured that everything will be okay and Sergeant Herrera was out of danger she then smiles and tears coming from her eyes because she was happy to hear that the Sergeant is okay, she feels that she was totally saved from her fault.


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